549 Park Road Seeks Approval for Conversion to Three Units

549 Park Road (center)

549 Park Road (center)

Plans were filed with the Board of Zoning Adjustment on August 19, 2015, to convert the single family rowhouse at 549 Park Road, NW, to a three unit residential structure. To accomplish this, the owner has proposed adding a third story to the house along with an addition to the rear (see plans here).

This proposal requires the owner to go before the BZA as the property will need support for its variances from the lot area requirements, the court requirements, and the nonconforming structure requirements. It will also need a special exception from the conversion requirements to construct a three-story apartment house containing three residential units in the R-4 District.

This case will go before ANC 1A for consideration on Thursday, November 12, and a public hearing before the BZA has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, beginning at 9:30 am.

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6 Comments on “549 Park Road Seeks Approval for Conversion to Three Units”

  1. Curious George Says:

    This looks like a great project. I wish them the best of luck in permitting. Hope to see a lot more like this!

  2. dc Says:

    i am so glad the developer is leaving the existing roof line intact 🙂

  3. Park View Resident Says:

    I’d say one appalling popup/expansion for Park Road is plenty. I hope the neighborhood rises up against it at the hearing.

  4. Derek Says:

    Not sure if anyone is still reading these comments, but as a nearby neighbor I’m sad to report that a dead body was reported and found at 549 Park Rd on 10/21 – I’ve looked for a police report but can’t find it (but there was a fire truck, ambulance and at least 6 police cars there). Then last weekend the wife and daughter of the deceased man were going door to door in the neighborhood (they knocked on my door) to see if neighbors had seen anything because the police had no information.

    The place had a number of drug users going in and out frequently. Since the body was found, the door has been boarded up and the weeds have been cut by DCRA and I haven’t seen anyone go in or out.

    I’m concerned that a landlord who has allowed drug-using and -dealing trespassers, as well as allowed rats and squirrels to live in the abandoned, blighted property, cannot be trusted to contract or manage a 3 apartment complex.

  5. […] the owner of 503 Park Road submitted an application to raze the house there on December 13th, 549 Park Road sought approval to convert that building into a 3-unit building at the beginning of 2016, and the […]

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