More Development Headed for Georgia Avenue

According to raze permit applications that were received by DCRA on September 24, 2015, 3223 and 3225 Georgia Avenue have a new owner and are in the process of being razed and redeveloped. The new development for these parcels is described as a nine-unit building with ground floor retail that will be a by-right project. More will be known after the owner, 650 Lamont BL LLC, attends the October 28 Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force meeting to discuss the project.

3223-3225 Georgia Avenue(Raze permits have been received by DCRA for the old Planet Chocolate City and iHip Hop buildings, 3223-3225 Georgia Avenue.)

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11 Comments on “More Development Headed for Georgia Avenue”

  1. gentrify-u Says:

    Not tall enough!

    • byron Says:

      I too wish it was taller and had more units but ground floor retail is good. Disappointed that the new building at Kenyon and Georgia didn’t include retail.

      • K Says:

        I’ve said it before but there is plenty of retail space on GA that is vacant (including new builds). I am fine with some ground floor residential.

  2. Curious George Says:

    Glad to see new development coming. Not sure it needs to be razed though. Cant they just use the structure but turn it in to something appealing and productive?

  3. jcm Says:

    It’s the houses too, right, not just the one story storefront?

  4. Angry Parakeet Says:

    What comes of the windows facing GA on the houses?

  5. Keefer Says:

    If they have a raise permit it is for the whole thing, the houses in the back and the 1 story retail “noses” on the front are all technically the same property, so the windows in the front will not be there to be covered up. This set up of residential house with little retail nose on the front doesn’t work well for modern retail and has probably been at least partially responsible for this area of Georgia sitting blighted for so long. Take a look at the shop just south of Heat da Spot, the convience store that is never open. The owner of that building had to put in a huge beam between the nose and the rear of the building and they are sort of split level, then above he was only able to get to 1 bedroom apartments, it is just not an efficient building scheme

  6. Quebecois Says:

    I normally support preserving older buildings, but in the case of Georgia Ave, the whole corridor is severely under-built for its current zoning. Maybe adding housing to GA Ave will reduce pressure for unsightly pop-ups in the residential blocks.

  7. […] At last night’s meeting of the Georgia Avenue Development Task Force (GADTF), Taylor Kelly of Brick Lane Real Estate, the developer for the properties at 3223-3225 Georgia Avenue (including 650 Lamont Street), was at the meeting and shared a few more details that I didn’t have when I originally posted about this on October 14th. […]

  8. Lamonter Says:

    Hi Kent, do you happen to know what the status is on the development on this house? There are a few signs up in front of it, but to date I haven’t actually seen work done (with the exception of a bulk trash removal that happened awhile back), and we see constantly see people hanging out on the front porch who shouldn’t be. I just want to make sure the bad activities happening in that house down start up again… Thank you!

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