Brief Update on Development at Georgia & Otis

Otis and Georgia(Vacant lot at Georgia Avenue and Otis Place (3557 Georgia Avenue NW)).

Things appear to be picking up for the development planned for the vacant lot on the southeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Otis Place, NW. While I haven’t been made aware of a firm timeline yet nor have I seen any permit applications, I was able to sit down with the owner of the property recently who told me that the project was moving forward again. I also saw a couple of gentlemen walking the site with a set of plans a little more than a week ago. All are promising signs.

I’ll continue to watch the permit applications and keep folks posted when I see something concrete. If you don’t remember what was proposed for the site, I’ve included the rendering for the approved project below and you can read more from when it passed the BZA in February 2013.

The V 3557 Georgia(The V at 3557 Georgia, the building proposed for the vacant lot at Otis Place.)

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4 Comments on “Brief Update on Development at Georgia & Otis”

  1. mbk Says:

    Great news, thanks for the update Kent. This is a good location for density on GA avenue.

  2. neb Says:

    this would be great to finally get going. something needs to get the development moving on GA ave. Any news on the development on the next block up?

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