Contra-flow Bike Lane in the Works for 11th Street, NW

11th Street(View of 11th Street, looking north from Monroe)

According to a Notice of Intent I’ve received (click on image below for full notice), DDOT is proposing a contra-flow bike lane on 11th Street, NW between Monroe Street and Spring Road. This block is currently a one-way southbound road for cars. The new bike lane would be two-way for bikes while remaining one-way for cars. Cyclists traveling north would use the new bike lane, while southbound bike traffic would share the travel lane with cars.

I’m very excited and supportive of DDOT’s efforts to expand Washington’s Bike lanes. You can read the full notice below:

11th Street Bike Lane

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3 Comments on “Contra-flow Bike Lane in the Works for 11th Street, NW”

  1. Steve Davis Says:

    Definitely a good spot for it, recognizing the fact that lots of folks bike the wrong way up it now, including myself! Especially when I have both kids with me heading back to Petworth from Columbia Heights — it’s far preferable than taking the lane on New Hampshire with a bike trailer behind me. Only N/S lane in this area that continues at all north of Monroe is really 14th, I suppose. And that’s a busy street. Sharrows on Sherman (which work surprisingly well, especially when there’s a lot of traffic moving slowly in rush hour) all stop at switch to NH.

    As Greg Billing pointed out on twitter, the big missing link is an east-west connection from Mt. P area to Brookland. Any of the looming redevelopment of SE or SW corner of AFRH grounds (and McMillan site etc) should include a protected lane on Irving from at least Warder to Michigan to Brookland Metro. More road capacity than is needed for almost all times of day, all year long, especially on Irving.

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