Park Road Apartment Headed for Redevelopment

According to Landmark Construction Development’s Web site, they have acquired 525 Park Road, NW …

… an existing 12 unit apartment building in the very popular Park View neighborhood. Plans are underway for expansion and renovation of the building, which will create 12 two bedroom condominiums over 1000 ft2 each. The building is expected to be delivered in late spring 2016.

It will be interesting to see more details on this one as they become available.

525 Park Road(525 Park Road, NW.)

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8 Comments on “Park Road Apartment Headed for Redevelopment”

  1. Curious George Says:

    Hoping for a dramatic improvement here. Onward and upward!

  2. byron Says:

    That’s such a big plot of land that a relatively small building sits on. It would be nice to see them use more of the property somehow.

  3. Park View Rican Says:

    That’s a pretty quick turnaround. I imagine most if the changes will be internally and landscaping. I don’t see how they can alter the structure in such short a time.

  4. Derek Says:

    Also a couple doors down, 549 Park Rd recently sold. it’s a standard row house, but the company that bought it wants to convert it into 3 story (ie pop-up), with 3 apartment.

    They need some sort of special exemptions, so are holding a public hearing at the Zoning Board on Tuesday, Dec. 1. (I got notified, because I live within “200 feet”.)

    Does anyone have experience with this? Will the zoning board actually consider denying the exemption? or is this just a formality?

    I’m not thrilled with the idea of a pop-up apartment complex, but I don’t want it to sit abandoned forever.

    • byron Says:

      Sounds like a great project. Thanks for calling my attention to it. I’ll be sure to write a letter to the zoning board in support of it.

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  7. […] that building into a 3-unit building at the beginning of 2016, and the apartment building at 525 Park Road is in the midst of being redeveloped into a building that has larger apartments […]

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