Morton Mews Taking Shape, Adding Housing to Sherman and Morton

IMG_9443[1](View northeast from Sherman and Morton.)

Area of church where Formstone has been removed.

Area of church where Formstone has been removed.

I last checked on the progress of Morton Mews at the end of July. In checking in on it this past weekend, the new housing along Sherman Avenue is surrounded by scaffolding so that the brick facing can be installed (see above). Also the foundations have been dug and poured for the central section, the rear addition to the old church has been removed, and two test areas on the church have had the Formstone removed.

In looking at the test areas of Formstone removal, it looks like it was solidly attached to the building. I know that the current plan is to remove the Formstone and restore the character of the building by saving the old brick. I’m hopeful this is possible.

Below is a rendering of what the project should look like when its completed.

Morton Street Mews(Morton Street Mews rendering showing Morton Street.)

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5 Comments on “Morton Mews Taking Shape, Adding Housing to Sherman and Morton”

  1. Curious George Says:

    This development looks great. What an improvement to that corner. Now if only we could do something about the ugly salvation army substation across the road and some of the other vacant buildings near by! Onward and upward for Parkview and its environs.

  2. Gabe O Says:

    I live on the 700 block of Morton and think the Mews project is pretty great. I’d like a little more true detail in the brick work, especially on the Morton St elevation, but for ca. 2015 DC residential development, this is pretty good stuff.

    Re: The Salvation Army Building – George, I think you need to get more Curious! That building has a lot of character and great detail. If the metal screens were removed from the windows and a few new moves were made to it (punch in a few more windows), plus sprucing up what’s there (some new, HQ red paint and washing of the masonry), that would be a fantastic building to keep in the neighborhood.

    Moreover, I’ve been told by neighbors that it previously served more like a community rec center, bringing together people from blocks around frequently for positive experiences. If it can, even partially, reclaim this kind of programming, it might change perceptions as well.

  3. gentrify-u Says:

    Very excited for this. Anything that sells for 1MM will bring better neighbors and improve the Sherman Ave mess.

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