Update on Pop-up at 454 Park Road

I’ve had a few people reach out to me to let me know that construction has resumed on the pop-up at 454 Park Road, NW. After checking with DCRA, I can confirm that this is alright, the Stop Work Order (SWO) has been lifted. One of the issues leading to the SWO originally was that in removing the front yard, the structure became a 4-story structure in the R-4 Zone, which only allows 3-story structures.

Below is the full response I received from DCRA:

The stop work order has been lifted on this property. It is typical business to remove a stop work order once the issue of permitting has been corrected. The contractor submitted a new set of plans on 05/15/2015 for correction to the height and number of units at this property. A new building permit B1507295 was issued on 07/30/2015 for Revision to permit number B1403570 to include excavation of front, side and rear yard new areaway at front and rear, penthouse, fence and rooftop deck. changes to 3rd floor addition. Revision to include changes to previously approved MEP Plans. Permit was approved for 3 units change to 2 units.

This plan calls for the grade to be replaced at the property to reduce the number of stories. Third party inspections are not allowed at this property.

Below are photos showing where the development is currently.

454 Park Road

454 Park Road

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8 Comments on “Update on Pop-up at 454 Park Road”

  1. Curious George Says:

    I think it looks great actually; a nice clean modern addition, and a huge improvement over what was there before. Welcome to the neighborhood! More like this please!

    • K Says:

      Haha, well different styles for different people I gues 🙂 For some this probably does not flow and isn’t so aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Cliff Says:

    This is hideous. Once it no longer looks new it will look like houses I have seen in Haiti or the outskirts of Honduras.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think I’ll call it the stubby middle finger.

  4. gentrify-u Says:

    Your precious Chuck Brown mural could go on that wall

  5. e35 Says:

    I don’t understand the DCRA response. The new plan will replace the grade at the property to reduce the number of stories? That sounds like they’ll fill the front yard back in… ?? It’s also not clear from the message whether the permit is now for two units or three.

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