Senior Wellness Centers Headed for Budget Reductions in FY16

I recently learned that the D.C. Office on Aging (DCOA) is reducing funding for the city’s senior wellness centers from their FY2015 levels — meaning that the funding levels will change on October 1st. In reaching out to the DCOA, it was conveyed to me that they are currently reviewing their expected grants for FY2016 and that the incoming grant proposals for the upcoming fiscal year are still being reviewed.

In FY2015, senior wellness centers were allocated an additional $1.5 million for extended hours as compared to FY2014 — meaning later hours and Saturdays. Due to uneven and low participation rates for extended hours, overall funding will be reduced by $1 million for this purpose in FY2016 (or +$500,000 over FY2014 levels).

I’m still digging into what, exactly, these reduced funding levels will mean for each center. I’ve heard that the Ward 1 center will revert back to their original hours and that there will be some reprogramming. I’ll share more as information becomes available.

Ward 1 Senior Wellness Center(Ward 1 Senior Wellness Center on Georgia Avenue.)

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2 Comments on “Senior Wellness Centers Headed for Budget Reductions in FY16”

  1. mbk Says:

    Senior centers need to be combined with other uses, this size building for a single use is not a good use of resources. Could a day care also find space to operate here, thats what the City desperately needs, or use the space for other DPR needs as well as a senior center?

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