Community Graffiti Removal Event This Saturday at 10am

A graffiti removal event is being held this Saturday for residents who want to pitch in to help to remove graffiti from Georgia Avenue. The announcement is below (PDF version here).

Lower Georgia Ave Community Graffiti Removal Event
What: Come clean up Georgia Avenue! (Between Kansas Ave and Florida Ave)
When: Saturday, August 15, from 10:00am to 1:00pm
Where: Meet at Torrie’s Restaurant at 700 V St NW for Supplies and Training 
Why: Georgia Ave is Littered with Graffiti and You Can Help Make a Difference
The Problem: Graffiti on Lower Georgia Avenue  
Graffiti is a major problem for business owners along Lower Georgia Avenue. If not removed, graffiti can cause blight, increase criminal activity in the surrounding neighborhoods, reduce property values, and give the impression that Georgia Avenue is not a clean and safe environment for residents and visitors. As part of the Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street Feasibility Study, a community graffiti removal project is being organized by local stakeholder groups and city agencies. We will cover the area between Kansas Ave and Upshur St to the North all the way down to Florida Ave to the South.
The Solution: Let’s Empower Neighborhood Volunteers to Fight the Graffiti Ourselves    
A community graffiti removal event will be hosted on Saturday, August 15th (at 10am at Torrie’s Restaurant). Here, community volunteers will learn the appropriate way to remove graffiti and then spread out along Georgia Avenue and address problem areas on previously-identified sites. The community is developing a list of partner businesses and property owners that have given the community the right to address graffiti on their properties. The graffiti removal event on August 15th will help address many of the most problematic graffiti currently on Georgia Ave. However, this is not the end. Volunteers will be able to use donated equipment and continue to address graffiti whenever they see fit for properties in which permission has been obtained. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference.  
Please join us on August 15th and help clean up Lower Georgia Ave.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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3 Comments on “Community Graffiti Removal Event This Saturday at 10am”

  1. Jim Slicio Says:

    Kent – This is a great step in the right direction! Next step is getting business and residents to encourage self sustainability for residents and business owners. Volunteers should not be relied on to paint their businesses and houses. Also, any chance this group will be dealing with those massive and hideous tags on the red house bordering Bruce Monroe Park? They have been there for months/years and the owner of that house hasn’t done jack.

  2. Beth S Says:

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