Three Shot, One Killed in Night of Violence

Nadeau on Lamont Street during public safety walk, July 20th.

Nadeau on Lamont Street during public safety walk, July 20th.

Last night, one man was shot and killed just after 9:30 near Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street — an area that has continued to see an increase in crime over the summer. Earlier this year, I worked with residents, MPD, and DCRA to board up two vacant properties that were being used as drug dens, and numerous meetings over the issue have included a Public Safety Walk by Councilmember Brianne Nadeau on July 20th.

The other two victims were shot on the 600 block of Newton Place just after 10 p.m.

Below is the account from Fox5, which also includes a few photos.


WASHINGTON – Three shooting incidents have left three people injured and one dead overnight in the District.

Two of those shootings occurred in the northwest off of Georgia Avenue.

The first happened just after 9:30 p.m. Thursday in the 3300 block of Georgia Avenue. Police say one man was killed. Officers continue to investigate and have no suspects or motives at this time.

Two men were shot on the 600 block of Newton Place just after 10 p.m. Thursday. This shooting happened just two blocks off of Georgia Avenue and blocks away from the previous shooting. One of the men was shot in the back and the other in the foot. Both are expected to survive.

Police were then called to another shooting around 12:30 a.m. Friday on the 1200 block of Delaware Avenue. Officers say an adult male suffered a gunshot to the leg and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Police have not said any of the incidents are related.

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16 Comments on “Three Shot, One Killed in Night of Violence”

  1. K Says:

    Meanwhile Park Morton sits idle with boarded up units as staging grounds for drugs and crime waiting for the next ‘meeting’ to discuss potentially maybe where they might locate the next off-site building. No mention of when ground will ever be broken onsite or a timeline. Go DC Government!

  2. Jamal Says:

    Great work, Brianne Nadeau. Can she lead on anything? Maybe we can have another community meeting? How about some results instead?

  3. Jim Slicio Says:

    We need more trees in the community. That will show those thugs we mean business. Crime reduction should be everyone’s primary focus in our community, but going to meetings doesn’t prevent them from happening. Proactive policing is necessary.

    • Pworth Says:

      The lack of proactive policing is a real problem. For at least 10 years residents have been begging MPDC officers to get out of their cars and start walking beats. But there’s always some excuse why they won’t do it. I honestly think that most DC officers don’t really care about preventing crime. They mostly live in the burbs and think we are crazy for living in the city.

    • K Says:

      That is immature to knock a side project of beautifying the neighborhood. The ANC, led by Kent, is very active in doing what within their power to reduce crime and violence in our neighborhood.

      There were two consecutive community meetings in the past month about this exact area that have concrete action items that are being worked on. Were you at either? Yes, going to meetings isn’t going to prevent them but neither is blaming efforts on a blog and not doing anything.

      • Jim Slicio Says:

        I went to a meeting. It was a waste of time. Immature dig; maybe, though more action from our reps can be done. A few examples stemming from a few minutes of real solid thinking:

        1. Pressuring DCRA to improve/modify existing regulations regarding vacant and blighted properties may help.
        2. Improve CCTV network (quantity and quality of images, actually have them running, storage of video, monitoring) in locations with known issues.
        3. Push for quicker development of Park Morton.
        4. Quickly remove graffiti from locations within designated areas of high crime.

        I don’t know K, these seem like things I would like to see Kent promote on his blog, and will make our community beautiful and safe.

      • Kenny sucky Says:

        kenny getting pissy. he should just go. he sucks.

    • Sarah Says:

      Wow, you are so smart! Maybe you should run for ANC. No wait, run for Mayor, because you have all the answers. Gosh, all we needed was to remove the graffiti. What a swell idea!

      If you had actually done more than give up after attending a single crime meeting, you would know that crime is actually a very difficult problem to solve, particularly from the position of ANC-commissioner, which is not god-like in its comprehensive powers.

      Once you have become the Mayor, maybe you can stop busting the dedicated civil servant in our neighborhood who consistently devotes what has to be something like 40+ hours a week keeping the community informed and advocating for us. Seriously. I cannot believe you are bashing Kent for his work getting trees in the neighborhood, just because he has not single-handedly ended all crime.

  4. Curious George Says:

    That block of Georgia always has some dubious characters about. Usually high, drunk, or both. Why are the police not doing more about them?

  5. Ed Says:

    A few thoughts after living on the 500 block of Park Road for two years:

    1) Park View is a destination neighborhood because of the history of Park Morton and the drug trade. Many individuals come here by foot, bus, car and motorcycle(s) to do business and/or get high. The heroin packets on the streets may have been sold or packaged here but the heroin is not grown or produced here.

    2) A number of businesses around the Park Morton complex accommodate drug trade. Between New Hampshire and Irving on Georgia, it’s routine. Loitering is usually a pretty good sign of which businesses are happy to have drunks and hustlers standing outside their business entrance. One must wonder how does the business make any money….

    3) Park View is one of a few neighborhoods city wide that are competitive in the drug trade, another would be Trinidad in NE and some across the SE in Ward 8. The shooting on the Park Morton playground, that injured a 6 year old girl, was a hit from outside the neighborhood. Very possibly a response from an attempted hit in Trinidad from our neighborhood.

    These issues are not going to be solved by the police or a council member. They have to be solved by the residents who want change. Businesses can be shamed and drunks and hustlers don’t like unwanted attention either. If Park View didn’t have the look of an open air drug market along Georgia, outsiders might not know where to go when they come to deal. Solving point one and two may reduce the neighborhoods standing in the citywide trade and thereby point three gets solved on its own. It’s all theory. Now a concerned and like minded group of residents need to take the lead.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What do you think the problem is with enforcement? Is it the police force, the commissioner, the council or the mayor? I definitely think the council and the mayor are a big part of the problem. None of the people running last election mentioned crime as a major focus, except for Catania, briefly. Honestly, Gray and Graham are looking very good right now. At least I’ve seen those people get immediate results.

    • Jamal Says:

      I think the mayor is soft on crime because it will lose her the “street” vote. All these criminals have grandmas and aunties who think they are perfect angels. It’s pure politics. Tough on crime = being against the “community”. Nadeau is the same way.

      • Jamal Says:

        My neighbors and I were talking about Brianne Nadeau’s statement she posted on the listserv about the crime. Does she not understand that we are tired of the rhetoric? Enough excuses as promises that never happen. Im a second generation Park View resident. Graham wasn’t the best, but at least he got results.

    • Sarah Says:

      I really liked Councilmember Graham and he knew how to bring home the money when it came to development projects, but I think you guys are giving him too much credit when you say he “got results” when it came to crime. Crime has been a perennial issue in this community for decades. Graham couldn’t solve the problem any better than Nadeau has done (and the Park Morton development didn’t exactly move ahead swiftly under his watch).

  7. gentrify-u Says:

    She needs to work on those hips too

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