Disturbing Video of 77 Market Vandalism and Robbery

Last Saturday, June 27th, there was a horrible robbery at 77 Market located at Georgia Avenue and Irving Street, NW. I know many in the neighborhood may already know about this, but I’m sure other don’t. In reading the report and watching the video on Fox 5, this is far more disturbing that what one would normally think of with a robbery. According to the Fox 5 report:

It was caught on camera — a dangerous duo struck a Park View convenience store. But this was far from your typical stick up. There was no gun — just fury — enough to turn the store upside down. And the store’s cashier is just thankful to be alive after the close encounter.

I’ll definitely be working with Commissioner Rashida Brown and MPD to address what appears as a serious crime trend in the area. I know that for the past few months that crimes data from the DC Crime Map shows an overall increase in nearly all statistical areas. I’ve had a few leads as to why, and want to make sure that the community works with MPD to solve this persistent problem.

77 Market

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6 Comments on “Disturbing Video of 77 Market Vandalism and Robbery”

  1. Laquetia Says:

    Yet Brianne Nadeau has been no where. All she cares about is affordable housing. I question her leadership skills when it comes to crime. I give her credit for the public meeting she had, but it was about 8 months too late and the problems have continued unabated since then. Does she not understand what her constituents are dealing with on a daily basis? Park View and Columbia Heights feels unsafe. Sad.

    • Kevin Says:

      I hope this is Brianne Nadeau only term. I was so ready to see Graham go, but now I have regrets. Maybe there will be a viable contender, but if there is they need to get on board now. Incumbents are very hard to beat.

  2. ch resident Says:

    i am glad brianne wants to warehouse more of these people in CH.

  3. K Says:

    Wow, almost 1 hour for a response for out of control destruction of an area business? If that is accurate, shame on MPD!!

    • Angry Parakeet Says:

      When I see tough looking young men saunter-dip in my area (I live 1/2 block from this store) I in my liberal way think they are just fine. Maybe not all of them should be treated as safe. There is also an “Alciholicos Ananomos” in a garage behind this building.

  4. Terrible, I hope they get caught soon

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