3543 Warder Being Converted to Two Unit Building

3543 Warder(3543 Warder Street, NW)

I’ve been intrigued by the redevelopment of 3543 Warder Street, NW. This has less to do with the fact that it has been vacant for as long as I can remember and more to do with its conversion to a two unit building. Originally, like the buildings that it resembles on Manor Place, the building was constructed in 1932 as a four-unit apartment building. It is interesting to me that a four unit building is being reconfigured to two much larger units. I’ll definitely want to see this one when its finished.

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One Comment on “3543 Warder Being Converted to Two Unit Building”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is interesting indeed. The opposite is more the norm. The house attached to mine has always been a rental. The landlord seems to be a deadbeat. I’m willing to bet, due to the deterioration of the house, if it sells it’ll go to a pop-up developer. That would suck.

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