New Tavern Coming to Park View

According to a liquor license application filed with ABRA in February, a new tavern is in the works called Reliable Tavern & Hardware, which will be occupying the former hardware store space at 3655 Georgia Avenue in the future. The application also describes the nature of the business as one that will service food and drinks with various activities including comedy, trivia, and televised sports.

It is too early to know many more details about the business, but updates will follow as they become available.

3655 Georgia(A new tavern is in the works at 3655 Georgia Avenue, located between Rock Creek Church Road and Quebec Place, NW. The store was most recently a hardware store.)

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19 Comments on “New Tavern Coming to Park View”

  1. Pop-it-up Says:

    Bummer. This eyesore is prime to be razed and developed into proper apartment units and retail.

    • Stephen Bory Says:

      I totally disagree. With a little love, that block could be really nice.

      • Dave Says:

        I agree Stephen. I love that building with the brick that matches many of the row houses in Park View. It has great potential . . . clean up the facades, remove all the mismatched awnings, perhaps combine a couple of the storefronts for some now-missing retail or sit-down restaurants. Rent out the second floor space for offices or apartments.

      • Yoda Says:

        This seems a bit unrealistic. This block has been blighted for over two years. Many of the stores vacant. How do you propose getting the owners to show pride in their appearance if they haven’t done so already? Not to mention these businesses don’t necessarily meet the needs of the neighborhood. How many pay day loan places do we need? Maybe they can put in ANOTHER 7-Eleven.

  2. K Says:

    Sorry Pop-it-up, I also agree with Dave that removing the awnings, cleaning it up,and combining a few storefronts could make for some great retail with character. Plenty of other less-than-attractive buildings along GA that could/should be razed and developed into apartments

  3. Sandy Says:

    Hopefully the place is kid-friendly!
    It feels like only a matter of time, though, on the razing/development. We might get our hearts broken the way of Mothership, which opened, was great, and then closed when razing and developing became a lucrative enough idea.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Also, it’s such a weird situation, where $$$ somehow is right for popping up/out rowhouses on residential side streets as high/deep as they can reach, which stand out and inconvenience all their neighbors in so many ways, while leaving blocks and blocks of vacant 2-story buildings and whole strips to rot on the big artery nearly, or meekly renovate one tiny building into an isolated, almost-ephemeral business. And when they do create bigger new construction, they quickly switch from the original condos plan to apartments. How does this work?

  5. Yoda Says:

    I’m torn. This whole block should be razed to include a mixed use development. It’s so close to the metro. DC already wasted an entire corner with the CVS building. People need condos near public transportation. Seems silly to leave this block as-is. That being said, I’m very happy this vacant store is being occupied. It’s been an eye sore for quite awhile. I hope the nearby stores turn over soon as well. Cheers to Georgia Ave revitalization!

  6. mbk Says:

    happy to see a new business coming to the space. I am surprised though. I figure a developer would try to buy the entire block and build something new which I would not be opposed to. The hardware space is really small though so curious what the capacity will be.

  7. Frank Says:

    Thank goodness. I cannot wait for something fresh and new to come to this block. It is in desperate need of rehab.

  8. pru Says:

    Prince of Petworth just posted about this and somehow keep deleting every comment mentioning Park View or cheering for Park View “as opposed to” Petworth.
    I want to make a joke about annexation but I’m not an international relations major, and it would inevitably sound as overly intense as the comment censorship itself.

    • Cliff Says:

      Some neighbors were talking about pop censorship so I posted a nice comment about petworth and park view, and he deleted it. He has done this on other topics too, and is getting quite a reputation. Luckily, there isn’t any new you can get on his site that you cannot get here,,, or

      • pru Says:

        Wow, I’m not surprised. We couldn’t possibly be the only two polite Park View residents who would want to comment that the tavern is technically in Park View!

        I thought he was deleting offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments, maybe with a lower tolerance than other blogs. I didn’t realize he was deleting whole series of comments from different readers representing the non-offensive opinion of a large group of readers but contradictory to his opinion!!

        And the worst part is that I’m being generous to call an “opinion” the statement “3655 Georgia Ave is in Park View.” Chilling.

    • Lisa Says:

      Pru – I found your observation about POP very interesting, and disturbing, so I decided to test your theory and add a comment to his Reliable Tavern post to point out the fact that it’s actually located in Park View not Petworth. He hasn’t taken my comment down (yet!) but he immediately closed the entire comments section for that post even though there are only 41 comments and it was only posted yesterday. What’s the deal?! That’s so shady…

      • The Emperor (formerly known as Prince) of Petworth Says:

        Good evening, ParkView residents!
        Effective immediately, you have been annexed to Ward 4. Your new zip code is 20011 and you must incorporate to the Historic Grant Circle District. Welcome to the Beautiful life!

  9. Shawn Says:

    I think PoP got the message. His most recent post on this is tagged as “Park View” 🙂

  10. […] is located on the block south of Rock Creek Church Road and next to the old hardware store, where Reliable Tavern and Hardware will be opening. I’ve heard little about this business, though what I’ve heard has been positive. Also, […]

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