Morton Street Mews Site Active

Activity at the Morton Street Mews site.

Activity at the Morton Street Mews site.

If you’ve happened to walk past the corner of  Sherman Avenue and Morton Street lately, you’ll have noticed that the former church parking lot is now an active construction site. A backhoe loader is now on site and excavating the area along Sherman Avenue, apparently for the start of OPaL’s Morton Street Mews housing project on the site.

When finished, the redevelopment of the former Iglesia Ni Christo Church and the adjacent parking lot will contain about 25 units of three-story townhouse style 2 and 3-level condominiums.The 1905 church building — originally designed by William Sidney Pittman (1875-1958) for Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church — will be somewhat restored and incorporated within the project. More details about the project can be found at OPaL’s Web site.

Morton Street Mews(Excavation work along Sherman Avenue.)

Morton Street Mews(Rendering of Morton Street Mews showing the Morton Street elevations, from the OPaL Web site.)

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2 Comments on “Morton Street Mews Site Active”

  1. K Says:

    In the excavation you can see the brick frames where the former structures of row homes used to exist along Sherman

    They must have been razed and paved over for the church parking lot at some point, and now they are going to be new row homes almost mimicking the footprint many decades later.

  2. […] in April I reported that Morton Street Mews (located on the northeast corner of Morton Street and Sherman Avenue) had […]

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