Permits Issued for More Popups in the Neighborhood

In looking at permitting information, the following two neighborhood properties can be added to the list of single family houses getting popups and being converted into apartments/condos.

733 Princeton Place

733 Princeton Place

A permit was issued on March 9, 2015, to convert 733 Princeton Place into a flat with a new 3rd floor.

733 Princeton has been a troubled property. A little more than a year ago it was flipped and on the market as a single family home. Before it could got to closing, the development partners got in a dispute with one of them removing the appliances and trashing the house with a chainsaw. This time around, with a different developer, the house will be popped up and converted to flats.

3223 Warder Street, NW

3223 Warder Street, NW

The other property headed for a popup is 3223 Warder Street, which was issued a permit on March 18, 2015. According  to the permit, the scope of work is to “convert single family house into 4 units. Building renovation and enhancement and third floor addition.”

3223 Warder is on a huge lot, and two other houses just to the south of it are also gutted and being redeveloped. The clip below from the DC Zoning Map shows the lot (highlighted) indicating how large it is in relationship to other lots on the block.

3223 Warder map(Map from the DC Zoning Atlas).

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7 Comments on “Permits Issued for More Popups in the Neighborhood”

  1. Frank Says:

    I welcome to them to the neighborhood. Looking forward to lots of new real estate options and new neighbors!

  2. Byron Says:


  3. Cliff Says:

    Very short sided planning. At the very least there needs,to be design review but I am hoping for much stricter regulation

  4. Sarah Says:

    If the developers of 3223 Warder Street don’t want their back yard I would be happy to take it off their hands!

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