Six-unit Development Under Construction at 728 Park Road

728 Park Road in 2014 shortly after it sold.

728 Park Road in 2014 shortly after it sold.

I’ve been following the development of 728 Park Road, NW, with some interest. Last spring, the two-story single family home on a 5,843 sq. ft. lot sold for $1,350,000. With such a significant price paid for a small house on a generous lot, there was little doubt that the property would be developed into something larger.

The property has since been under development, with all but the original 1915 facade razed. A new foundation has been dug and framing is already going up. A review of the building permit states that the development’s goal is a 3-story, 6-unit multifamily dwelling.

While I haven’t seen plans for this project, thus far is shows promise. I like that the original facade was saved. I also like how the new construction is recessed giving prominence to the original construction as it adds to the multi-family apartment buildings already on that section of Park Road.

It will be interesting to see how the additional floor relates to what has already been built, as well as what materials they choose to side the addition.

728 Park Road(728 Park Road under construction)

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6 Comments on “Six-unit Development Under Construction at 728 Park Road”

  1. jcm Says:

    Presumably they saved the facade so that they could perform the work as a renovation rather than a raze and new construction. According to PIVS they have a stop work order for illegal construction and encroachment.

  2. Byron Says:

    Looks good. I wish it were 5-6 stories instead of 3.

    • K Says:

      Why? It is not zoned for 5-6 stories.

      If it is the density argument, there is a surplus of land on GA less than a block away that is already zoned for higher density and would fit much better than on a residential side street of mostly row homes.

      • JS Says:

        Actually, K, this property was the outlier – it was the only SFH in a section of Park Rd consisting of apartment buildings. Converting it to a multi-family structure makes it more compaitble with its location, not less.

      • Byron Says:

        Well, for one, I think the whole city should be upzoned for 5-6 story attached buildings instead of rowhouses. I’d actually prefer to get rid of the height act and all zoning completely, but upzoning everything would be a good first step.

        But I confess to never really understanding the NIMBY argument “I CAN’T HAVE MY ROWHOUSE NEXT TO AN APARTMENT.”

  3. […] The conversion of a 1915 row house at 728 Park Road into a 3-story, 6-unit multifamily dwelling is finally far enough along to get a good sense of what it is going to look like. I really like how they saved the original facade on this one and took care to weave in new brick to match along the eastern side of the wall. You can see what the project looked like back in March and before construction started here. […]

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