Dept. of Health Responds Quickly to Rat Infestation

The sidewalk by CVS on New Hampshire Avenue.

The sidewalk by CVS on New Hampshire Avenue.

For a while I’ve noticed that the pavers along New Hampshire Avenue by the Georgia Avenue CVS were sinking … and then last week it hit me why. Rats! As I walked down the sidewalk I saw what appeared to be holes for rat burrows along the edge of the sidewalk and I suspected that it was these burrows that were causing the pavers to sink.

I contacted the Rodent and Vector Control Division of the DC Department of Health (DOH) and asked for an inspection, and sure enough, rats. According to the report I got back from their inspection the rat problem is very bad at the sidewalk area by the CVS. The DOH pest controllers observed and treated 12 rat burrows on the New Hampshire Avenue side close to the bus stop. Due to the severity of the problem the location is now on a weekly baiting schedule until the problem is under control.

rat hole(Rat hole leading under the sidewalk)

rat burrows(Pavers sinking due to underlying rat burrows)

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4 Comments on “Dept. of Health Responds Quickly to Rat Infestation”

  1. mbk Says:

    It doesn’t help that there is so much trash along that stretch outside of CVS. I guess CVS doesn’t realize that they are legally responsible for picking up the trash outside their building to the curb line. thanks for calling that in Kent.

  2. VE Says:

    Man am I glad you’re on our team. Great powers of observation and ability to know who to call. You have a keen public interest, problem solving instinct. Well played, Kent.

  3. […] first noticed that the sinking pavers were caused by a rat infestation in January 2015. At that time, the Department of Health began a rat abatement program. By July 2015, I’d […]

  4. […] and much progress has been made this week. After I alerted officials a year ago about a serious rat infestation under the sidewalk, and advocated for its repair, I introduced a resolution in January 2016 that […]

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