Mothership to Close — Last Day Possibly February 22

Sadly, the City Paper reported today that Mothership has decided to close, with the last day possibly being brunch on February 22nd. You can read the City Paper article here. This is very sad news indeed and we wish them all the success in the world on their next ventures. Mothership Two Chix

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15 Comments on “Mothership to Close — Last Day Possibly February 22”

  1. Yoda Says:

    What did you expect? It’s not near a metro and Georgia Ave is becoming increasingly more dangerous for pedestrians – especially at night. There have been assaults, robberies, shots fired and a homicide. DC needs to make cleaning up Georgia Ave a priority if they expect businesses to succeed farther away from the metro. Business development and public safety doesn’t seem to be a priority of the new council member though.

    • K Says:

      What do you consider ‘near a metro’? It is .3 mi (about a 7 minute walk)

      • Yoda Says:

        It may have more to do with Georgia Ave. It just doesn’t feel safe anymore to walk 7-10 minutes. Especially alone at night. I agree the condos stalling hurt, but to me it’s more of a systematic problem with Georgia. Lots of talk by DC about making it better, but the criminal element is too prevalent.

  2. Pworth Says:

    That’s too bad. They were probably too far ahead of their time, with not enough foot traffic. Also (IMHO) their food and service weren’t quite good enough to bring me from several blocks away to their restaurant.

    I don’t think crime itself explains their demise. But I agree with Yoda that our elected officials haven’t really addressed the upturn in violence in Petworth and Park View with enough energy. Unfortunately I’d have to include our ANC rep in that assessment as well…

  3. K Says:

    It is a shame that so many of those new condo/apartment developments in the immediate vicinity have just stalled. I feel a couple of those complete would begin to make a difference especially given that is one of the only nicer sit down places in the area

  4. ChrisC Says:

    I cant speak re: Stephan. As for crime, there’s a police station within a 2 minute fast walk from the restaurant. I dunno what the place’s rapport was with cops but maybe it could have better? Who knows? Or maybe he just got tired of it. Many restaurants fail–period! Its just that we needed that anchor. Getting back to crime, I think our ANCs care as does our new councilmember. But yes Georgia Avenue needs more anchors before it can get better. And here again is where the ANCs can come in. Look how long it took Parkview, with 11th street. This is a process. Georgia Ave as some ghetto strip cannot survive…and it takes a long time to die just as other neighborhoods took a long time to die and be reborn. There are just peculiarities with layouts, zoning etc etc so it will happen. We will just have to strangle the beast a little bit longer and its done. This may sound trite but that whole area was bloody awful back in the day. We are talking 25 years just to get it to somewhat decent level, so pardon me if its not pristine over night.

  5. dcmediabuzz Says:

    Yes, Ken and Rashida are actively address crime and that was one of Brianne Nadeau’s themes, so others must be talking about another ANC

    • Pworth Says:

      Well, yes I was referring to Kent. He has been very active in issues of historical preservation, improving the Rec Center, planting trees, and zoning. That’s all good. But I can’t think of anything he’s done in terms of crime or public safety.

      I don’t mean to be negative, and I know this is his blog. But I just don’t see or hear about much action in that area.

      • Yoda Says:

        I agree. And I haven’t seem Nadeua talk about anything, but affordable housing. Even when someone got murdered in her ward last week, all she did was email out the police talking points. What are our new Mayor, new council members and ANC truly doing about public safety? Petworth and Park View have been awful lately. And it’s supposed to calm down in the winter!

  6. Mike Says:

    All of us are devastated

  7. Monkeydaddy Says:

    The last restaurant meal in DC I shared with my wife was at Mothership. We were always treated very well there, and the food and beverage selections were delicious and delightful. Godspeed.

  8. Nathan Says:

    Let’s remember that Mothership is in 1A09, with Bobby Holmes as the ANC representative. I live in this neighborhood and have yet to see his leadership in action.

    • Keefer Says:

      Bobby is a neighbor and has been invaluable to me since I moved into the neighborhood, the problem here is the policing. Everyone knows that the bus stop across Georgia Ave. from Mothership is basically an open air drug market, and everyone knows that Petworth Liqours is a blight on the neighborhood. There should be a cop parked at these two spots all day everyday, shut both places down and it is pleasant neighborhood, so long as both are there I will frequently run off people tying off in my backyard.

      • Keefer Says:

        However, I agree, there should be a joint effort by our ANC members to address the problems on Georgia Ave. From south of the metro to Howard

  9. […] This will be a bitter sweet event, as it will be one of the last times the community can gather at Mothership as they will be closing when the doors close on Sunday, February 22nd. But as that hasn’t happened yet, this is a […]

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