DDOT Adds Safety Improvements to New Hampshire Median @ Park Road/Monroe Street

IMG_7954(New bollards installed to prevent drivers from hitting the median.)

I’m very happy to report that some bollards have been added to the south end of the median at New Hampshire Avenue where it meets Park Road/Monroe Street.

At the November 2014 meeting of ANC 1A, a resident made the commission aware of a problem with the intersection whereby eastbound drivers turning left onto New Hampshire Avenue often hit the median and blew out their tires. This was largely due to the the odd angle of the turn and the lack of visibility for the median.

I alerted DDOT to this issue on November 25th, and am pleased to see that they found a reasonable solution and took action. The photo below shows the median before the installation of the bollards showing chips and markings from vehicles hitting it.

New Hampshire Median

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One Comment on “DDOT Adds Safety Improvements to New Hampshire Median @ Park Road/Monroe Street”

  1. Derek Says:

    Thanks for letting DDOT know about this, Kent. Glad this is there.

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