Flexipave Being Installed on New Hampshire Avenue Median

The median along the 3700 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW — to the east of Georgia Avenue — is in the process of being reworked. According to the map created by DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration to track Flexipave work, this is part of that project. A similar section of sidewalk was replaced with Flexipave on Princeton Place back in December. While the Flexipave will not be as attractive as grass, we were likely to never have anything more than barren dirt due to the habit of pedestrians  crossing the street mid-block from the Metro station.

IMG_7943[1](Flexipave work in progress on the New Hampshire Avenue medians.)

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6 Comments on “Flexipave Being Installed on New Hampshire Avenue Median”

  1. Cliff Says:

    I really think DDOT’s goal is to make the neighborhood less attractive. Just look at their record: Near EL Haines they were supposed to install a faux red brick with flashers cross walk on Georgia/Newton and on New Hampshire/Newton as part of Great Streets, but did not. They installed that concrete median on Georgia that is causing accidents a few months ago, the flex pave on Princeton Place looks awful and is 4x larger than it needed to be, and now this. I am looking at a grass median right next to a metro station from my office window right now, and I see them all over the city.

    My guess is this neighborhood is being too quite about low quality infrastructure. Kent, would you support having the ANC send a letter complaining to DDOT? I would be willing to start a draft that can be modified.

    • Kent Says:

      I’m very willing to meet with DDOT to discuss all of these things. I’m no stranger to DDOT, that’s for sure.

    • K Says:

      The concrete median, I do agree, was poorly executed and could be smaller.

      Being that it is now there (likely permanently), it behooves the city to strictly enforce the no parking on the west side of GA. Almost every time I pass by there are multiple cars parked illegally causing traffic backups and near crashes.

  2. Hieronymous Says:

    I am someone who crosses that median midblock, often. The result of my actions has been root zone compaction and this expensive overhaul. I apologize.

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