New Flexipave Sidewalks Beginning to Be Installed

On November 12th, I posted that DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration was planning to repair sidewalks that have been damaged by street trees at locations citywide with Flexipave. Flexipave is designed to reduce the damage to sidewalks by tree roots, and to provide the additional environmental benefits of allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the tree space.

Over the weekend I saw my first example of Flexipave on the 600 block of Princeton Place. Overall I liked it an am very interested in seeing how it holds up to the elements. Other approaches DDOT has previously used to provide a flexible sidewalk over tree roots have not lived up to their promise.

IMG_7718[1](Flexipave on the 600 block of Princeton Place, NW)

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3 Comments on “New Flexipave Sidewalks Beginning to Be Installed”

  1. Park-what? Says:

    Aweful. Georgetown gets bricked streets and we get patched pavement. Should we be happy?

  2. Cliff Says:

    Agreed, this is ugly. Additionally, they filled in large sections of what should be concrete with what looks like asphalt. If they cared about aesthetics then they should have only covered the roots with this crap.

  3. […] work, this is part of that project. A similar section of sidewalk was replaced with Flexipave on Princeton Place back in December. While the Flexipave will not be as attractive as grass, we were likely to never have anything more […]

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