“Glitch” Sends Out Expired Visitor Parking Passes

visitor parking passes(Expired DDOT Visitor Parking Pass receive on December 11, 1014)

District residents have begun to receive their new Visitor Parking Passes only to discover, upon inspection, that the pass mailed out is the 2014 pass, already expired. Even the accompanying letter states that the period covered by the pass is from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014.

Upon contacting DDOT, it was learned that DDOT is “working with the contractor right now to see where the glitch was, and to correct it as soon as possible.” DDOT currently has no estimate for how long it will be before new passes will be mailed out, or if last year’s passes were mailed to all residents or only a portion of them. DDOT also stated that they “will figure it out and do whatever it takes to fix the situation.”

UPDATE: It appears that residents who registered for a new VPP before the system was set up for 2015 passes received another 2014 pass. Again, according to DDOT: “There were two batches of 2014 passes [though the number is yet unknown] that were recently mailed.  Those individuals / applications will be converted to 2015 passes, and those will be mailed (per the contractor) next week.  If your pass is in this batch, you will receive a 2105 pass.”

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