Update on 703-707 Newton Place Development, Named Whitney Row.

703-707 Newton Place, NW.

703-707 Newton Place, NW.

According to the Lock7 Development Website, the framing is nearing completion at their project at 703-707 Newton Pl. NW, which they have named Whitney Row.  They expect  completion to be in spring 2015.

Furthermore, Lock7 writes that the electrical and plumbing rough-ins are in progress. When completed, the building with have 9 new living units. According to the floorplans (which I’ve shared before) two of the units will be single bedroom units and seven will be two bedroom units. The upper three spaces will also have roof decks.

The rendering below  shows what the project should look like once completed.


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5 Comments on “Update on 703-707 Newton Place Development, Named Whitney Row.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Not bad, wish there was some retail space in the bottom though.

    • K Says:

      Enough with the retail space. There are loads of empty storefronts on GA from recently built apartments/condos that still sit empty. Not to mention how many unoccupied older buildings that could use renovation. Until this area shows it has the retail demand to fill all of those I am happy and content with strict residential going in. Also, I’m not sure but it is likely that this is not zoned for commercial anyway.

      • Tim Says:

        So what’s been done to fill those empty store fronts? There IS a demand for retail, there just isn’t any. Outside of a loan shark/check cashing business, liquer stores or places with bullet proof glass; the options are limited. I’m all for filling empty space, but new merchants may be likelier to move into new spaces as opposed to having to pay to renovate.

  2. K Says:

    Often new construction mixed use buildings sit empty due to numerous factors, one being they hold out for very high rents which usually exclude the majority of businesses Tim (and others he is speaking for) would like to see. The only ones that can really afford to fill the space, and likely absorb financial struggles of the first couple of years, are chains such as 7-Eleven with deeper corporate pockets.

    Tim, maybe you could work with your ANC to help match those businesses you describe there being a demand for to the new retail space in the earlier development stages prior to the completion of construction. Perhaps even offering tax incentives for renting to small independent businesses? The Georgia Ave Community Task Force has conducted some neighborhood surveys on what types of businesses the residents would like to see so that could be good information for showing potential business occupants actual numbers. Just some thoughts.

  3. Sarah Says:

    What’s the parking situation like for this building? Are they constructing parking?

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