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Next Community Police Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 19th, Includes Introduction to New Fourth District Commander

November 18, 2014
Map showing area covered by PSA 409, formerly the northern half of PSA 302

Map showing area covered by PSA 409. PSA 302 is to the souuth.

The next community with members of the police for the Park View community (PSA 302 and PSA 409) will take place on November 19, 2014, at 7 p.m.  The meeting will be at the Fourth District Substation located at 750 Park Road, NW. In addition to discussing public safety issues with our local police officers, it will also be a good opportunity to meet the new Fourth District Commander, Wilfredo Manlapaz.

On November 14th, it was announced that Fourth District Commander Kimberly Chisley-Missouri had been promoted to Assistant Chief in charge of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Corporate Support Bureau, which oversees the major administrative, technical and business functions of the Department and coordinates the delivery of services in several key areas that support operations.  This resulted in MPD’s Wilfredo Manlapaz being named the Commander of the Fourth District.

In her announcement regarding these promotions, Chief Lanier wrote: “Commander Manlapaz has 20 years of experience working in a variety of positions in the MPD. During his career with the MPD , Commander Manlapaz has patrolled the streets of the First and Second Districts as an officer, investigated drug-related crimes as a sergeant, oversaw violent crimes investigations as a lieutenant, and managed the Criminal Intelligence Branch as a captain. Most recently, he has been working in the Special Investigations Branch, where he oversaw members investigating Sexual Assaults, Financial Crimes and Bank Robberies.”

I’m looking forward to both meeting and working with our new Fourth District Commander.

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