Bruce Monroe @ Park View Celebrates New Elevator

Yesterday at 4:00 p.m., the teachers and students of the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View (BMPV) school officially dedicated and opened their new elevator — which allows for the first time ADA access to all floors in the original 1916 building and floors 1 through 3 of the two 193o wings. The school is still in need of two lifts to provide ADA access to the gymnasium and cafeteria. These should be coming around December, but a firm date is not known at this time (the original completion date estimate was December 3, 2014).

The elevator has actually been installed much sooner than the original estimate which was April 15, 2015, making it just under seven months earlier than originally thought. The elevator has been dedicate do one of BMPV’s students — Chance — who along with a parent in a wheelchair took the first official ride from the first floor to the second floor.

IMG_7353(l/r Chance’s mother, Chance, parent Mr. Williams (in wheelchair), teacher Jacqueline Jaffe, and Principal Dr. Palacios at the first floor entrance to the elevator)

IMG_7354(Exiting the elevator on the second floor)

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