New Book on Meridian Hill History Worth Checking Out

Meridian Hill bookI’ve recently learned that there is a new book out this year on the history of Meridian Hill by Ward 1 resident Stephen R. McKevitt … titled appropriately: Meridian Hill: A History.

Unlike the Arcadia books that are primarily image based, this one, by the History Press, is text based (while it has some good images) which means it has a lot more detail. I’ve recently begun to read it and already appreciate how its organized and the historical overview of this part of Washington.

I decided to mention it here because it also has some interesting historical information for those who want to learn more about Columbia Heights. While that isn’t the focus of the book, it contains a historical sketch of James Holmead and a good history of Rock Creek Church Road (including the various names its had over the years).

Below is the publishers description to help you decide if this is something you’d like reading as well.

In the nineteenth century, Commodore David Porter built his mansion on a prominent hill sitting directly north of the White House, and the rest of Meridian Hill’s history is indelibly tied to the fabric of Washington. John Quincy Adams once resided in Porter’s mansion. Union troops used the estate and its lands during the Civil War. Later, part of the old estate was famously developed by Mary Henderson into a noted group of embassy mansions, and the extraordinary Meridian Hill Park was created. The rest of the land became a diverse, thriving residential neighborhood. Join local author Stephen McKevitt as he chronicles the fascinating story of this interesting urban locale in the nation’s capital.

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