RFP for Park Morton Attracts Four Proposals


Park Morton units from Park Road.

Park Morton units from Park Road.

In February 2014, the District terminated its relationship with Landex for the redevelopment of the Park Morton housing development. As part of the process to get the project back on track, the Office of the Deputy Mayor For Planning and Economic Development’s New Communities Initiative reviewed the process, interviewed many of those involved, and issued a new Request for Proposals (RFP) to find a new developer of the property. The deadline for submitting new RFPs was July 1, 2014.

On July 22nd, the DC Housing Authority issued a News Release that announced that four proposals to redevelop Park Morton were received by the July deadline. The four proposals were submitted by:

  • Park Morton Partners – A partnership between Pennrose Properties, LLC and Warrenton Group, LLC.
  • Park View Commons – A partnership between Atlantic Pacific Communities, LLC and Non-Profit Community Development Corporation of Washington, DC, Inc.
  • Park View Partners – A partnership between Mission First, Neighborhood Development Company, The Henson Development Company, and Urban Matters
  • Park View Community Partners – A partnership between The Community Builders, Inc. and Dantes Partners

I haven’t had the opportunity to see any of the proposals yet, but am eagerly looking forward to learning more about them. Of the developers listed, two are particularly familiar: 1) Warrenton Group is listed a part of the partnership making up Park Morton Partners . Warrenton was also in partnership with Landex in the previous selection, and 2) Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) is part of the partnership making up Park View Partners. NDC has been active in other Georgia Avenue projects and their office is located in the neighborhood.

Full press release below:

Proposals for Park Morton

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3 Comments on “RFP for Park Morton Attracts Four Proposals”

  1. TBG Says:

    And now DCHA wants to take over the old Jewish home? The track record if affordable housing in DC is deplorable. No thanks.

  2. Cliff Says:

    Warrenton Group? They were part of the problem with the last deal, they should be barred from being included in the new deal….unless they can prove Landex was at fault. Also, if they propose the exact terms of what they already got approved they better include a start date with penalties if they miss it.

  3. Wanda Annette Haggins Says:

    I to live across from the housing development on Park Road and play on Morton Street I certain this area is going to be develop like the rest of the city

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