Update on 625 Park Road Project (Former New Commandment Baptist Church)

A lot has been happening on moving the redevelopment of the church property on Park Road along lately. Since the last time I posted about this in June, the Historic Preservation Review Board has considered the landmark nomination (staff report here) and voted unanimously to add the building to the inventory of historic structures at their June 26th meeting. In saving the building and adding it to the redevelopment mix, this triggered a request by the owner for some zoning variances, which ANC 1A considered at their July meeting and voted to support unanimously.

The next steps will be for the Board of Zoning Adjustment to consider the variance requests and the and the Historic Preservation Review Board to review the proposed design, both of which are scheduled for the week of July 21st. Should everything remain on track, the path will be clear for building permits to be issues and the project to move forward. When completed, the new building will include as many as 31 living units.

I’ll post a follow up after the BZA and HPRB meetings next week. You can review the overall plan being considered here.

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2 Comments on “Update on 625 Park Road Project (Former New Commandment Baptist Church)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    What retail plans, if any, does the project include?

  2. pru Says:

    I just read the post on Urban Turf. Will any of the variances requested/given have impact on the availability of parking in the neighborhood? I own a rowhouse a few short blocks away, and the keywords “40 units” and “some variances” are worrying me about whether the need to protect the developer’s profit (Urban Turf has the quote “Building the site to code without any variances would put him well into the red”) will crush my household’s ability to find parking on our block consistently in the future.

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