3205 Georgia Christened “The Gibson”

The new 31 unit residential building nearing completion on the northeast corner of Georgia and Kenyon has added an entry awning that includes its name — The Gibson. Overall, I like this building, though I’m still disappointed that the building’s original cornice design didn’t make the cut.

Below are recent photos showing the new cornice and signage.



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5 Comments on “3205 Georgia Christened “The Gibson””

  1. Lanisa Says:

    I agree. The building minus the cornice is like cake without icing or cornflakes without milk. The building is nice as is but it would be so much nicer if it also had a crowning piece.

  2. JS Says:

    REally happy with thel ook of this building – it doesn’t replicate the mutated glass bay window look so many new buildings are going for these days and which, in my opinion, looks hideious (for example, the Louis on 14th). I agree a cornice line would have been great, esp. one with dentils.

  3. Byron T. Says:

    Some ground floor retail and a mixed-use building would have been nice but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • K Says:

      Retail can’t be filled in many of the current new construction buildingo let alone existing spaces. I am quite happy with this as it breaks it up and won’t be another vacant storefront.

  4. KBD Says:

    Any idea what company manages/operates the building?

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