Bike Racks Installed at Petworth Safeway

Some of the new bike racks in front of the Safeway.

Some of the new bike racks in front of the Safeway.

Last week, I inquired about plans for bike parking in front of the new Georgia Avenue Safeway. From that conversation, I learned that the plan is to install 11 permanent bike racks outside the stores entrance. Four racks were installed along Randolph Street on July 2nd and the remaining  seven were installed July 7th. This provides parking for a total of 22 bikes outside the Safeway. There are also plans for 8 interior bicycle spaces within the garage on the G1 level, and the residential garage on the G2 level will contain 72 interior bicycle spaces.

I’m glad bike parking wasn’t forgotten among all the details of this project. The only issue I’ve see with the new racks is their use for scooter parking (see below). I’ve alerted Safeway of this and the need to provide better support for scooter parking. Hopefully this will be sorted out quickly.

Bike Racks(Scooters parked in the Safeway bike racks)

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One Comment on “Bike Racks Installed at Petworth Safeway”

  1. TL Says:

    Is the Safeway really going to be open 24 hours now? Definitely not supportive of that. Will lead to trouble.

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