New “Pick Up After Your Dog” Signs Showing Up in the Area

Here’s something new (or at least to me) … I’ve started to see DC Government issued “Pick up after you dog” signs around the area. It was my understanding the District didn’t used to provide these signs. Has anyone else seen this around town?


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3 Comments on “New “Pick Up After Your Dog” Signs Showing Up in the Area”

  1. Cliff Says:

    I am not sure which is worse…sign pollution or dog crap pollution. Yes, people should pick up after their dogs and get fined if they do not but I noticed these signs a few weeks ago. Its bad enough that some posts have as many as 5 different signs attached to them, but its worse that new posts are installed so we can have yet another sign in our neighborhood. Some of the new signs are down right dangerous, as they only stick up about 3 feet out of the ground.

    Warder wouldn’t be such an ugly street if they could reduce the number of signs by at least 50%. I hate to see other streets following that model. Reminds me of the song “signs signs everywhere a sign…”

  2. Rashida Brown Says:

    This looks like Columbia Heights. Is this sign by the dog park on 11th? I would love to have one on Irving St leading up to Wangari Park. If anyone knows the process for getting one, please post!

  3. Joanne Says:

    Hey, hey, talk about your own ugly street! Warder obviously could use trees, but there’s no place to put them. I’d be happy giving up the parking lane!

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