728 Park Road Sells for $1.3M

According to Redfin, the single family house at 728 Park Road, NW, sold on May 19th for $1,350,000. In looking at the property, the lot is both deep and wide. While I have not been contacted by the new owner, my educated guess would be that this lot is headed for development as a multi-family dwelling — at least this is what’s happened with two other lots on the 700 b/o Park Road over the last year.

You can see a photo of the property below. I’ll provide updates if/when there are available.

728 Park Road(728 Park Road recently sold for $1.3M)

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6 Comments on “728 Park Road Sells for $1.3M”

  1. Byron T. Says:

    Great news for density and development in the area. Hopefully this will happen to more lots with single family houses.

  2. Quebec Says:

    Or… sad to see so many of our historic row homes turned into bland condos. Depends on your perspective I guess…

  3. Sarah Says:

    Is the property the red house, the empty grassy area, or both?

  4. Byron T. Says:

    Our stock of Wardman rowhouses aren’t exactly an endangered species, nor are they particularly architecturally notable. (Though I recognize that 728 Park Road isn’t a Wardman.)

    There is, however, an acute shortage of multi-family housing, an affordable housing crisis that could be ameliorated through more density and the fact that the Georgia Avenue area — especially Park View — needs more density to support the kind of amenities that most of us would like to see set down in the area: interesting bars, locally-owned non-chain restaurants, neighborhood cafes, high-end grocers like a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods.

    • GG Says:

      The increase in supply will not lead to lower prices Byron, this is a fact. The neighborhood will continue to increase in value dramatically for the foreseeable future, one tacky condo at a time.

  5. […] Road, NW, with some interest. Last spring, the two-story single family home on a 5,843 sq. ft. lot sold for $1,350,000. With such a significant price paid for a small house on a generous lot, there was little doubt […]

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