Update on Development at 3205 Georgia — To be Called “The Gibson”

3205 Georgia(3205 Georgia, at the northeast corner of Kenyon, nearing completion)

Here is some brief news concerning the condo under construction at 3205 Georgia Avenue. While overall it has been progressing nicely, I’ve just learned that the developer has decided not to complete the building as originally designed. As you can see below, the original design included a large cornice at the top of the building. It has been brought to my attention that the owner — in an attempt to save money — has decided to cut this corner.

3205 Georgia(Rendering of 3205 Georgia as originally designed)

Overall, I think this is unfortunate. The building’s traditional design with the use of brick on the upper floors and stone on the first level really begs for some architectural feature at the top. As it now stands, the building appears unfinished as there is no counterbalance to the mass at the base of the structure.

What is puzzling to me is the great attention to detail that has been given to the rest of the building, including the exterior lighting and the decorative “shade” awnings that don’t do anything practical (but do help to reduce the mass of the first level visually by drawing the eye down to a more human scale).

As I reported in September 2012, the building when completed the building will have thirty-one 1- and 2-bedroom units when completed. Of those, 5 are planned to be affordable (but no details have been provided as to what kind of affordability that will be).

According to a recent post on Elevation DC, the property’s owner is Matcap Development with the developer being Potomac Construction Group. The building has tentatively been named “The Gibson”  and it is expected to begin renting this summer.


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9 Comments on “Update on Development at 3205 Georgia — To be Called “The Gibson””

  1. K Says:

    I agree it does appear unfinished without the balance. Unfortunately this is usually the case of developers when they have the option they will cut corners.

    Look at the property on the southwest corner of Sherman and Park, was rented out before it was completely finished so developer simply never finished bricking and a wood board has remained over an unfinished door for 2 years now!

  2. Keefer is king Says:

    Since the building was approved by the ANC, zoning board, etc, with this feature, is there any recourse? I hate to think that this sets an even worse precedent for the future development of Georgia Avenue.

    • jcm Says:

      It was built by right, with no zoning exceptions, so no one had to approve the design.

    • Aaron_on_Luray Says:

      I agree. I was waiting for them to add the cornice on top. If this is how it’s left, I’ll be very disappointed; looks very unfinished. I’ve been watching this building come up over the past year with hopeful anticipation that there would be a good looking new building on the avenue. There really isn’t anything we can do, even if it’s just letting the developer know that the community feels this way?

  3. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Well, that’s crappy. The brick part, being so blunt, reminds me of the demolished Bruce Monroe school.

    • Sarah Says:

      Yes! It looks very institutional. I immediately thought of the old BM building when I saw it. Such a shame.

  4. a.s.c Says:

    Really too bad but I suppose developers often have narrow budgets they have to work with. On the positive side, this is something that could be added later though having it happen is doubtful.

  5. Arthur Says:

    I live 1.5 blocks from this new building on Kenyon and my overall thought is thank god they put something in that long-standing vacant, weedy lot. And overall I think it’s a pretty decent-looking building compared with most other new construction on GA Ave.

    I work in arch/planning, and reducing details and cutting corners here and there from the original design/renderings is pretty common. So common there’s a name for it: “value engineering”. Not kidding.

    My main gripe with the building is that it doesn’t include any ground-floor retail. Small food store, dry cleaners, barber, whatever would have been nice.

  6. […] The new 31 unit residential building nearing completion on the northeast corner of Georgia and Kenyon has added an entry awning that includes its name — The Gibson. Overall, I like this building, though I’m still disappointed that the building’s original cornice design didn’t make the cut. […]

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