Two CHIX to Serve Breakfast at Mothership This Month

Two Chix banner at Mothership.

Two Chix banner at Mothership.

Though an exact start date has not been set, Mothership tells me that Two CHIX will start serving breakfast (and eventually lunch) within their space around the middle of this month … which means very soon.

In checking out their Twitter feed, Two CHIX is from the same people who have the STIX Food Truck (Web site here). I haven’t seen any details yet on their proposed breakfast menu, but in following them it is clear that they are working hard to get things ready.

Mothership Two Chix(Signs up at Mothership announcing breakfast, coming soon by Two CHIX.)

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3 Comments on “Two CHIX to Serve Breakfast at Mothership This Month”

  1. Annie Says:

    This whole concept is confusing. Customers don’t like to be confused. I don’t see this going well. Just weird. Open your own place or just fold in under one name.

    • K Says:

      I agree, well at least they covered up the pealing ‘Mothership’ logo on the the awning with ‘Brown’s’ still showing through.

      Mothership is a good place with nice vibe but not sure where the dual branding is going. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and be very successful with this venture (I hope).

  2. WarderSt Says:

    I don’t think it’s confusing. A lot of restaurants host pop ups when they are closed. Mothership doesn’t serve breakfast during the week so they are letting two CHIX use their space to serve breakfast. Mothership will still be open their regular hours.

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