A Garden Visitor — the Hummingbirdmoth

Over the weekend, while in the garden, I noticed a visitor to the garden a couple of times — a hummingbirdmoth. This is not the first year I’ve seen one, either.  Last year hummingbirdmoths also frequently visited the garden. The seem to like the creeping phlox in particular.

According to Wikipedia, its official name is Hemaris and it “is a genus of sphinx moths, consisting of about 17 species native to the Holarctic.Four species occur in North and South America and three are found in Europe. Their main host plants are herbs and shrubs of the teasel and honeysuckle families. Moths in genus Hemaris are known collectively as Clearwing Moths or Hummingbird Moths in the United States and Bee Hawk-Moths in Britain.”

… and here’s another one.

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8 Comments on “A Garden Visitor — the Hummingbirdmoth”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Had one exactly like it with the two yellow bands, also on phlox – but two years ago.

  2. Aaron_on_Luray Says:

    That’s so cool! I’ll have to keep an eye out. Has anyone noticed if the hummingBIRDS are back in the area yet?

  3. rmandle Says:

    Now I know what you were doing when I drove by yesterday! 🙂 Glad you couldn’t hear my quick “hello” honk in your video…

  4. pru Says:

    That is so great! (I was going to write “that is so cool” but saw it was already said).
    One more reason to plant flox. We were already going to, hoping it would distract from the chainlink fence and hide the poor shape retaining wall.
    I am very giddy to hear, and occasionally see, the woodpecker by my house.

    All of this is only temporary, since as soon as the mosquitoes are out, I will only know what’s going on outside from what my boyfriend tells me. Sigh.

  5. […] isn’t the first cool moth that I’ve seen in or around our garden. In May 2014 a hummingbirdmoth visited the garden and I was able to take a few short videos of the […]

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