Where DC’s Homeless Children Learn

The following interactive map appeared on DCist yesterday, and I found it fascinating.  According to DCist, the map was created by D.C. public and charter school students and shows where D.C.’s homeless children go to school.

The map appeared earlier on Sandra Moscoso’s Middle Child in DC blog . Moscoso explained the process students used to create the map in these terms:

A team of students from Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan EC (DCPS) and BASIS DC (PCS) were invited to share their DC Food Deserts project at the Tech Embassy as part of DC’s inaugural Funk Parade. While preparing for the Tech Embassy, they decided they wanted to address current issues in DC schools. Saddened by Relisha Rudd’s disappearance, they were surprised learn how many students in Relisha’s school are homeless. Wondering whether there were homeless students in all DC schools, they reached out to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to request data about number of DC students enrolled in schools.

OSSE shared the data (along with encouraging words e from State Superintendent himself, Jesus Aguirre, saying, “Thanks for focusing on such an important issue. We can’t wait to see what you build!”), and the students were able to create a map that shows homeless student enrollment by school (for DCPS and PCS).

While the map certainly doesn’t solve homelessness, I do think it helps bring a better awareness and understanding to the issue — particularly with regards to children and eduction — which ultimately could assist in overcoming some of the obstacles and challenges that homeless students face.

Homeless student map(Click on map for interactive version)

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