More on School Boundaries

The current and proposed school boundaries are an issue that is of great interest — not just to parents but also in the upcoming mayoral election. While the Washington Post had a good article on school boundaries at the beginning of April, the New Columbia Heights blog tipped me off to another useful interactive map that readers may find interesting.

The interactive Web site is by Our DC School — made by parents and Code for DC, a local group that uses computer programming for good.

Here’s how it works. Just put in your address and it shows your current and proposed schools, as well as options for school lotteries and “choice sets” where you can pick from a list of schools. The Web site allows you to rate the changes and to provide feedback.

One caveat for those in our area, the site doesn’t accurately portray the combined Bruce Monroe and Park View school boundaries (which is a bit weird). Still, I think it has some very useful data.

Example from the Our DC School Web site:School Boundary map

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2 Comments on “More on School Boundaries”

  1. Sarah Says:

    It gets stranger: if you are in the current BMPV boundary to the west of GA avenue, the map will display the old Bruce-Monroe boundary as your “current” boundary, making it appear that most of Park View is not currently in-bounds for BMPV. I’ve asked the Deputy Mayor’s office to correct this but apparently it’s not an easy fix.

    At least everyone plugging in their own address will get accurate information on their current school and where they would be heading.

  2. Chris Given Says:

    Hi Sarah –

    I’ve now added the ability to see additional boundaries that are zoned for your current school. This helps when those boundaries have been merged.

    Check it out, and thanks

    Chris Given
    Code for DC

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