Ward 1 Budget Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for May 6

At the beginning of April, Mayor Gray’s FY15 budget documents were posted on the Web site for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. It is worth a look. During the past several years, the section outlaying the five year capital improvement plan has been of particular interest to me as it documents planned school modernization projects.

In our area, it is notable that the future modernization phases for the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school are no longer reflected in the five-year projection. During the FY14 Budget Town Hall meeting, it was learned that the remaining modernization schedule for the school had slipped from FY2016/2018 to FY2018/2020. While the absence of the school from the FY15 budget documents may seem dire, projected capital projects can move in and out of budgets from year to year and it is very possible that this project can show up again in the FY16 budget.

With regards to the Park View School building modernization, I have been in close communication with DCPS, DGS, and the budget office and have requested more details and background information as it relates to the school’s modernization. Chancellor Henderson has responded that “Commissioner Boese will receive an official response to his correspondence as soon as possible,” and I’ll share what I learn when it arrives. One bit of great news that Chancellor Henderson has also shared in advance of DCPS’s response is that FY14 money has been identified to address Bruce-Monroe @ Park View’s ADA compliance issues this summer. These improvements will be two years earlier than originally planned. 

Nearby Raymond and Harriet Tubman Elementary schools are also both in the FY15 budget and listed for FY19 modernizations. Here again, when compared to last year, Harriet Tubman’s FY2016/2019 has been pushed back solely to 2019.

All-in-all, there are probably a lot of questions about the budget. Like previous years, Mayor Gray is hosting a series of budget town hall meetings in each Ward so residents can learn more about his budget and ask questions about changes to the budget. The date for Ward 1’s meeting is May 6th. The flier below contains all the details you need to know to attend the event.

2014 Budget Town Hall meeting

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