The Past, Present, and Possible Future School Boundaries for the Park View Community

At the end of last week, DCPS released the proposed new school boundaries which have been on many parents minds these days. The Washington Post had an article on this published on the April 5th which is worth a read, but more importantly, they published a good map which shows the proposed changes.  With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to also post some historic boundary maps (from not that long ago) to help parents in the neighborhood better understand what changes have already occurred.

The Future — Here’s what has been proposed as the new boundaries for Bruce-Monroe @ Park View:Proposed new boundaries 2014(In this map, a small area northeast of Rock Creek Church Road and 5th Street (formerly part of Clark) are added to the school boundary, and everything once part of the Bruce-Monroe School boundary west of Georgia Avenue and south of Gresham will go to neighboring schools)

The Present — The map below shows the current school boundaries that went into effect when Bruce-Monroe and Park View were consolidated in 2008. The boundaries for BMPV are still the current boundaries:Current Bruce-Monroe Park View boundaries

The Past — And here are the school boundaries for Park View Elementary and Bruce-Monroe Elementary prior to the 2008 consolidation. First, Park View:Park View boundaries 2007

Second, Bruce-Monroe:Bruce Monroe boundaries 2007

In comparing the maps, one thing I find interesting is how close the proposed new Bruce-Monroe @ Park View boundary is to the former Park View School boundary, with the lion’s share of the former Bruce-Monroe School area going to either Tubman or Cleveland.

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3 Comments on “The Past, Present, and Possible Future School Boundaries for the Park View Community”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thank you for posting these! I keep having trouble with the WaPo map and DCPS doesn’t seem to have a pdf version up online, that I could find. Also it is very helpful to see how the Bruce-Monroe Park View merger has evolved.

  2. WarderResident Says:

    Given that the boundary will basically revert back to the old lines for BMPV, maybe we should consider just calling the school “Park View” and dropping “Bruce-Monroe” from the name. I don’t see a lot of other elementary schools tacking on more names when a nearby school closes.

    • BMPV dad Says:

      WarderResident — in this case. it was the Park View program that closed; Bruce Monroe simply swithched buildings and its old site demolished. So the name seems accurate from a historical perspective.

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