For Those Who Didn’t Get Their Visitor Parking Pass This Year

If you didn't get a new Visitor Parking Pass this year, you can request one online from DDOT.

If you didn’t get a new Visitor Parking Pass this year, you can request one online from DDOT.

I’ve been hearing from a few residents — particularly those on streets that are not part of the Residential Parking Permit program — that they did not receive their Visitor Parking Pass this year. After contacting DDOT, here is what I learned.

If you did not get your visitor parking pass this year, you can go to DDOT’s online vpp system at:  and alert DDOT that you didn’t receive one.  By using the site, each registration will generate an automated email with confirmation number that residents can use to track the status of the pass until it is delivered.  If you know of a neighbor who needs one and does not have computer access, they can contact the DDOT Call Center at (202) 673-6813 where they will be happy to assist.


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7 Comments on “For Those Who Didn’t Get Their Visitor Parking Pass This Year”

  1. H Says:


    This is great news, since I never got my parking pass! Sorry to be dense but I can’t get that website to work… It is asking for a username and password–any info on that??



  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Same. Says I need a username and password.

  3. BG Says:

    Kent, I think the correct URL is However, it shows the 400 block of Newton Pl as being ineligible for the passes (the 500, 600, and 700 blocks are, though). Do you have any idea why, or is this just an oversight by the DMV? Thanks for your hard work!

    • Chris Says:

      Verification failed for me as well. We are not on an RPP zoned block, but have an RPP sticker because of the Enhanced RPP in our neighborhood. We should be able to get visitor passes, yes?

      • Kent Says:

        I’ve been told that you are eligible. I’ll follow up with DDOT and see what the issue is.

    • Kent Says:

      Can you send me your address at 1a08 (at) ? I can request that your address is added to the database which will allow this to work.

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