If It Were Up To You, What New Restaurant of Business Would You Want on Georgia Avenue?

I haven’t followed up on the renovations to 3622 Georgia Avenue in quite a while (see image below). The former shell appears to be finished and has been configured into a space that would suit a restaurant quite nicely. However, as I understand it, the building was renovated on speculation with no particular business in mind.

So, my question to the community is … based on the size of the building and location within two blocks of the Georgia Avenue Metro station, what restaurant or business would be a good fit for this property?

3622 Georgia(The renovated 3622 Georgia, between Manny & Olga’s and Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits)

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24 Comments on “If It Were Up To You, What New Restaurant of Business Would You Want on Georgia Avenue?”

  1. pru Says:

    A bakery, like Caprice, or the chain Paul. I say this based on the idea that I would like that strip to have a few businesses opened during the day.

    A kid’s gym, kid’s dance studio, kid’s art studio, or anything for the little ones would balance out the bars quite nicely, too This would be smart considering what I’ve read and seen about the baby boom in our neighborhood, and seeing how Bloom Bars nearby already has no problem filling up with kids at all times of the week.

  2. BTR Says:

    With all of the young families moving into the area, I think it’s important we foster development to meet their needs and desires. I think more upscale or upscale casual restaraunts would be great. If you aren’t going to a bar like Looking Glass or DC Reynolds, you really have no reason to go to that portion of Georgia Av. How about all of the empty space in Park Place? That’s infuriatingly frustrating. I would like to see a bakery, Jewish/NY Deli, ice cream shoppe, a family restaraunt, great sports pub and upscale eateries (New American, Asian?). In addition, I think a paper/card shop or a upscale house/home goods would be great.

    • pru Says:

      “How about all of the empty space in Park Place? That’s infuriatingly frustrating.”
      I agree wholeheartedly. What is the process to express this frustration and translate into action? Can we request this be an agenda item at a ANC meeting? Email or a letter to Jim Graham? Petition? Or are we simply waiting until the Safeway opens and guessing that the Park Place space will fill up on its own shortly thereafter?
      I have asked, but only on mediums such as this one, whether the owners of that space are hit with vacant tax rate, and if not, why? Kent, could you enlighten us? Thanks!

      • Red Says:

        Kent, can you help? PRU, I’d encourage you to email Jim Graham and Muriel Bowser. Also, request it be added to the agenda by your ANC Rep. I agree with both of you, this is freakin ridiculous for it to sit vacant.

      • Cliff Says:

        I’m not sure Jim Graham has any leverage or ability to get this info from the developer. It has been years since I was on the ANC and I tried with Graham to get Chris Donnitelli to give info on why there is no tenent to no avail. I even went to Bowser, as this is her district, and she could not get anything either. Short of barging into Donnitelli offices and asking for answers I don’t know how anyone can get any answers, I’m sure Kent has tried too…

  3. mbk Says:

    Crossfit, bakery, or some kind of kid friendly but decent restaurant (like Meridian Pint), or some kind of gymboree thing.

  4. Monika Says:

    I would love a plant store/florist/nursery although I know it would be years before that would be possible.

  5. Max Says:

    I honestly quite like that we have our own little bar crawl on the block, so another bar would be fine by me. Although, it would be cool if we had a specialty grocery store like a butcher (heard a rumor DCR was trying to open one on the block) or small Asian market in the space.
    I also love BTR’s suggestion of a deli or ice cream spot. Any late-night food alternative to Manny & Olga’s would be worth its weight in gold as well.

  6. Aaron_on_Luray Says:

    I would love to have a great bakery (Paul Bakery, Le Pain Quotidien, etc.), a higher-end/sit-down restaurant (a la Chez Billy, Meridian Pint, Ted’s Bulletin), a plant/garden store (Ginkgo Garden in Capitol Hill is amazing and it’s in an hold rowhouse), or a cool home goods/furniture store (Goodwood, Miss Pixies, etc.)

    And to echo what BTR and pru said, what is up with the Park Place building’s retail space? That’s a prime location, and with a few great business there it could really transform the neighborhood. Is there anything we can do to bring attention to this and make something happen?

  7. EWB Says:

    My #1 vote is for a gym (it’d be a strange fit in that particular space, but I’m dying for a gym closer than Columbia Heights — summers are ok with our amazing bootcamp in the park, but it’s a real need in the fall and winter). #2 vote is for a coffee shop/lunch place so there’s something open during the day as well as evenings.

  8. park view resident Says:

    I would like a grocery store. Not something that would compete with lager stores, but something that offers a good variety of food and that’s I can walk to quickly if I need something. Something like a Yes organic would be cool.

  9. WarderSt Says:

    A crossfit gym would be awesome, a place for kids would be great, family friendly restaurant, deli, coffee shop/bakery…I’d prefer not another bar but I do take my kids to DC Reynolds to eat when the weather’s good so something like that would be fine.

  10. SweetMango Says:

    A baptist church!

  11. Cliff Says:

    Personally, I’d like to see Georgia Avenue develop into an activities area with batting cages, pool halls, putt-putt golf, bowling, etc. we already have a track and pool. This concept is similar to upper Wilson blvd in Arlington where they even have a skateboard park. We need this in the city.

  12. Cliff Says:

    …I forgot, workshop rental space so people can build and construct things.

    • David Do Says:

      Hey Cliff! Pleasant Plains Workshop recently expanded their workshop (I guess its been a year now) to have work stations for artists. Its pretty awesome it is down between Fairmont and Euclid on Georgia.

      • Cliff Says:

        Thats great, I did not know we had something already! Thanks. I will check it out, hopefully they have woodworking equipment.

  13. Chris Says:

    Something like U St. Cafe near 13th and U. Coffee, sandwiches, breakfast plates, etc. This would go really well with the new yoga studio coming down the street!

  14. katielu Says:

    Ooh, bakery or a crossfit would be awesome!

  15. Sarah Says:

    I really, really want a bakery I can visit on my way home from the metro. I would also love any kind of store that sells fresh cut flowers. A walk-able dry cleaners would be nice, but the location does not seem terrific for that.

  16. cary r Says:

    Yoga Studio
    Mini-grocery and wine store
    Variety of different restaurants
    Green spaces where possible

    • Chris Says:

      A power-flow yoga studio, Yoga Heights, is going in just down the block, opening in the next few weeks.

      Also, Lighthouse Yoga Center is moving closer to Park View at 9th and Upshur in later April. It’s focused on Hatha (alignment-based) yoga and Kundalini.

  17. Erika Says:

    It would be nice if Murray’s had more fresh food. I go there in a pinch when I don’t feel like walking all the way to Giant but they don’t always have what I need. I also agree with a dry cleaners, fast-casual restaurant and bakery. A crafts store/gift shop or gym would also be nice.

  18. Koffee Brown Says:

    I vote for a gym. I know a lady looking to open a multi-studio in this area. She hs been looking for a few months now. I’ll tell her about this space!

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