Park Morton Negotiations Terminated — City Still Committed to Its Redevelopement

2007 rendering of envisioned redeveloped Park Morton.

2007 rendering of envisioned redeveloped Park Morton.

At the end of last week, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) sent Landex Corporation, along with their partner the Warrenton Group, a letter giving notice of the District’s decision to terminate negotiations with Landex for the redevelopment of Park Morton. The letter acknowledges that Landex had been chosen as the Developer of Park Morton following DMPED’s Request for Proposals. The decision was announced by Mayor Fenty in October 2009.

However, since 2009 Landex has only been able to produce one project, the Avenue, an 83-unit affordable housing development with 27 replacement units. According to the letter, “since the completion of The Avenue in September 2012, the District and Developer have engaged in numerous attempts to make progress with negotiations for redevelopment of” Park Morton. However, nothing has come of these negotiations and the District is now of the opinion that the completion of a redeveloped Park Morton under the current circumstances will not likely occur.

What this means for the future of Park Morton is that the project will need to again go through a competition to find a new developer. Councilmember Graham responded to the news stating that the “decision is very disturbing news, because it really sets back this project.”

While I understand Graham’s concern, based on everything I’ve been able to learn about Park Morton in recent weeks, I actually think that this is positive news. The project was dead in the water as the District and Landex had reached an impasse. The termination of the agreement will allow the project to move forward again, dispite the appearance of starting over. Moreover, Graham has expressed that it is urgent that the District’s commitment to redeveloping Park Morton move forward quickly … and DMPED has responded that they can accelerate the competitive process.

The District needs to make every effort to get the redevelopment of Park Morton moving again as quickly as possible, and I will continue doing my part to keep this issue front and center.

Author’s Note: I was informed in 2013 that one of the hurdles to Park Morton’s redevelopment was the need for more land. I addressed this in a Post on November 1, 2013, urging the District to be more creative in identifying sites throughout Ward 1 — including the site of the former Bruce Monroe school — so that Park Morton could move forward with the greatest benefit and best chance for a successful resolution.

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10 Comments on “Park Morton Negotiations Terminated — City Still Committed to Its Redevelopement”

  1. Derek Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I agree that at this point a new developer probably will help the project. I think it may also be time for a new set of elected official pushing on this one too. Graham seems to be saying we need to expedite this, but what has he done over the past 4 years to expedite it? Does Gray even know about this development? 5 years after a contract is signed with no action, shows a clear lack of political leadership.

    I’m still trying to figure out who to vote for for Mayor and Ward 1 council – does anyone know who have made statements about Park Morton development and what those statements are?

  2. PVR Says:

    Thanks for the update. Let us know if there is anything we can do to show our concern and support for a quick and mutually beneficial solution. I wonder if a community meeting with councilmember Graham and any other necessary officials would be effective, or even possible. At the least, I wonder when if an election debate can be held between Ward 1 candidates to get their feedback on the issue.

    • Sarah Says:

      Councilmember Graham and his opponent, Brianne Nadeau, will be attending the Park View UNC meeting of March 5, 7-8pm, in the Park View Recreation Center, and will be answering questions from the community. This is a perfect issue to bring up.

  3. K Says:

    I also am disappointed to hear that the process will be set back but agree that hopefully this will reset a stagnant and almost forgotten project.

    For numerous years nobody could even speak to where this project was in development. PM has deteriorated even further and we can only hope some new energy will move this forward. Where has Graham been for 4 or 5 years on this? I tried inquiring but nobody in Grey’s circle could speak to it or even seemed to know about it. Sad.

    Is there any way PV residents can express their concern/support to quickly move this forward?

  4. K Says:

    Also curious, does anyone know how long the section 8 lease is that remains with the Park Morton complex?

  5. Cliff Says:

    There were 2 other bidders on the original RFP, is the city reaching out to them? If memory serves me correctly, one of them was actually a better option and many were surprised that Landex/Warrenton group won out.

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  7. jcm Says:

    I must have missed your Bruce Monroe proposal when it was originally published. I think having a park on that site that is not visible from Georgia is a recipe for disaster. You would be creating a perfect little pocket for drug dealing and other crimes. I’m not averse to developing the land, but I would strongly oppose the plan you’ve described.

  8. […] In February 2014, the District terminated its relationship with Landex for the redevelopment of the Park Morton housing development. As part of the process to get the project back on track, the Office of the Deputy Mayor For Planning and Economic Development’s New Communities Initiative reviewed the process, interviewed many of those involved, and issued a new Request for Proposals (RFP) to find a new developer of the property. The deadline for submitting new RFPs was July 1, 2014. […]

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