A Few More Details on Newton Place Development

703, 307, & 707 Newton Place soon to be developed.

703, 307, & 707 Newton Place soon to be developed.

Back in October, I noted that the rowhouses at 703, 705, and 707 Newton Place, NW, were destined for development. At that time I have few details but speculted on what might be possible for the land based on zoning. I’ve since learned a few more details and will continue to share as more information becomes available.

Based on what has been shared with me, the three structures will be completely razed. The building lots are tight, so in order to make the most of it the new building will be sited closer to the street. This will allow for 5 parking spaces in the rear of the new building. TheĀ building is planned to contain 9 living units at this time.

The project is an undertaking by Lock7 Development. The project is schedule to begin in earnest some time in January 2014.

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8 Comments on “A Few More Details on Newton Place Development”

  1. marcus Says:

    Wow, it would be like living next the Safeway construction. I’d hate to be living in 701 or 709.

  2. Steve Says:

    I’m kind of bummed about this. The exterior seems to be in pretty decent condition. I hope the new building doesn’t look too out of place being closer to the street than the neighboring buildings.

  3. JS Says:

    Could Lock7 preserve the facades with reduced (or no) rear parking? It seems like parking requirements are leading to the destruction of a nice intact street facade.

  4. K Says:

    I like seeing the progress of building improvements but why is our neighborhood continuously razed and replaced with cheap boring sub par construction?

    I guess that’s what happens in a hot real estate neighborhood with no historic distinction. It is really going to be a shame when we look back at houses like this that had nice facades and are now replaced with boxed condos made of plywood. Yah DCRA!

  5. IMGoph Says:

    Terrible news. Lock 7 is about to start a big project in Trinidad as well, where they’ve been amassing adjacent properties. Guess they’re going to raze everything here as well.

  6. imgoph Says:

    Lock 7 is doing a development in Trinidad, where they’ve amassed adjacent properties. Guess they’ll be razing everything here as well.

  7. WarderSt. Says:

    Lock 7 is committed to doing environmental and sustainable projects. I looked at their portfolio of previous work and nothing looks out of place for the neighborhood. Hopefully they will continue to be conscious of the surroundings and the building they create will fit in well.

  8. […] redevelopment of the property at 703-707 Newton Place, NW since I first posted about it in November 2013. Originally three modest rowhouses, Lock7 razed the structures to construct the 9 unit Condo that […]

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