762 Park Road Progressing Well

I haven’t posted anything about the development at 762 Park Road since July, so I’m long overdue. Based on my previous posts, the building will contain six 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom units. There will also be a stand alone building in the rear that will provide a seventh living unit. Overall, I think the building is far more attractive than many new buildings that are developed in our area.

The new six-unit building under construction at 762 Park Road.

The new six-unit building under construction at 762 Park Road.

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6 Comments on “762 Park Road Progressing Well”

  1. Keefer is king Says:

    Yeah, why is it that we get so many ugly new buildings in our neighborhood?

    • K Says:

      One of our crown jewels of ugliness is around the block at 723 Morton (still unfinished). Sad DCRA let’s these things be build with no regard for the neighborhood and aesthetics.

  2. Keefer is king Says:

    The school addition at Kenyon and Sherman is a perfect example of the ugliness. I find it very offensive that they would build in this way.

    • otis Says:

      I haven’t formed an opinion on the aesthetics of that school addition, but I’m always thankful that the Bruce School was repurposed as its original use as a school rather than condos, etc. That campus was recognized publically on Friday 11/8 as a Tier 1 school based on its academic performance: http://www.dcpcsb.org/News-Room.aspx?ID=393

      Unfortunately, unlike DCPS (ex. Cardozo and its $100 MM + renovation) charter schools are allocated limited funds for facilities, so must do the best they can with what they have. Perhaps that contributed to the scope/design of the addition.

      • Sarah Says:

        I’m inclined to take the view that in a city where officials are constantly complaining that we have too many empty school buildings, we shouldn’t be building new charters unless they can actually provide the necessary facilities. The EL Hanyes kids actually have to shlep over to Park View Park during recess, and split the space with the BMPV kids (that’s the neighborhood public school next door to the park that has used the playground as its play space since at least the 1950s).

        I’m all for finding a solution that works, but a little bit of system-wide planning and more thought to how we hand out charter licenses would not hurt.

  3. […] the neighborhood forward in a positive way. Along with the new three-story building next door at 762 Park Road, this section of the neighborhood will  have eleven more housing units when both projects are […]

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