Washington Post’s ShotSpotter Article Worth a Read

In case you missed the Sunday Washington Post, there was an interesting article titled ShotSpotter detection system documents 39,000 shooting incidents in the District that is worth a read. If you don’t know why it would be of interest to residents of Park View, take a look at the interactive map from the Post site below.

ShotSpotter image

In looking at the map, you’ll notice that the general Petworth/Park View area is one of the identified hot spots during the period between 2009 and the present. The following excerpt from the article specifically describes our portion of the map:

In Northwest, where ShotSpotter’s coverage is more limited, a portion of the Columbia Heights (sic) neighborhood east of Georgia Avenue between Princeton Place and Lamont Street experienced 299 incidents over the past five years. The number peaked at 99 in 2009, dropping to 46 last year.

I’m not surprised by the area identified by the Post, as it includes both Park Morton and the Park View Recreation Center — two areas that were once much more prone to violence than they are now. I also appreciate that the article notes that there are fewer recorded shots now than there were in 2009 … although the number is still too high for my liking.

In addition to identifying areas where shootings are common or concentrated, it also provides an interesting snapshot on what time of day is more prone to recording gunfire and what days (including holidays) are more likely to detect firearm discharges.

It’s definitely food for thought that I’ll be weighing before I attend the next community police meeting.

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One Comment on “Washington Post’s ShotSpotter Article Worth a Read”

  1. WarderST Says:

    While I know that there is still a lot of crime in the area, I think some of the parkview numbers are a bit off. It shows gunshots on the Soldier’s home grounds and my block in particular having 14 in 2013. There were shots down the street earlier this year, but I think I would have noticed a least a few more if there really 14 this year. It does state that the system has trouble distinguishing between fireworks and gunshots. I suspect that many of these are the results of the 4th of July, at least in some areas. I’m not trying to down play the crime in this area but I am also disinclined to believe it’s quite this bad.

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