Update on Renovations to 3622 Georgia Avenue

3622 Georgia Avenue has been under development since spring.

3622 Georgia Avenue has been under development since spring.

Back in April I reported that the long empty and blighted building next to Lion’s Fine Wines and Liquors was finally getting fixed up. I’ve long thought that this property has one of the more attractive facades on the 3600 b/o Georgia, but it was in such a state of disrepair that I thought it would be lost to the streetscape.

The construction permit was issued in July for the existing 2-floor & basement building with a 1-story rear addition. Recently, on October 16th, the permit was revised to change the roof profile to include a front dormer for the existing building (which sounds a bit odd, but I guess time will tell).

Below you can see the progress being made to the rear of the building.

The rear of 3622 Georgia. No longer just a stack of cinder blocks.

The rear of 3622 Georgia. No longer just a stack of cinder blocks.

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7 Comments on “Update on Renovations to 3622 Georgia Avenue”

  1. K Says:

    Do we know the intended plans for this building?

  2. Cliff Says:

    Hi Kent – they actually started the construction on that building (illegally) when I was on the ANC, and we got DCRA involved. This is an important one to find out what the use is, because I remember the group that was doing the work before indicated it was for something I’m not sure the neighborhood would like. That was about 3 years ago, though, so hopefully its a completely different owner.

    • Kent Says:

      This is a different group … I haven’t figured out the intended use thought. They actually got permits before construction this time around.

      • Cliff Says:

        That’s great new, I didn’t want to say it because it might have been speculation, but the old group was from a displaced strip bar in Southeast!

  3. ParkViewRican Says:

    Wasn’t there some speculation that this would be a cigar bar?

  4. Shawn Says:

    I’m curious to know too!

  5. […] haven’t followed up on the renovations to 3622 Georgia Avenue in quite a while (see image below). The former shell appears to be finished and has been configured into a space […]

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