Paint Removed from 3647 New Hampshire Avenue

With all the single family homes currently under development in the area, I really appreciate the direction 3647 New Hampshire Avenue has decided to go. Generally, when a structure is renovated and/or flipped, it gets a fresh coat of paint. I know that many people like a painted brick house and developers tell me it is so that the house looks new and fresh. Clearly, it is a personal choice.

What I like about 3647 New Hampshire is that they have chosen to remove the paint from the brick. I’ve been watching this property for a while and am hopeful I’m not setting myself up for disappointment should it be repainted again. But, that said, the level of work the owner has done to strip away the old paint and repoint strikes me as being insane should they just end up painting it again.

Below are photos of the property as it looks now (red brick) and how it looked before the paint was removed.

3647 New Hampshire Avenue with paint removed.

3647 New Hampshire Avenue with paint removed.

3647 New Hampshire before paint removal had begun.

3647 New Hampshire before paint removal had begun.

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3 Comments on “Paint Removed from 3647 New Hampshire Avenue”

  1. Keefer Says:

    I would love to do this to my house as well. How did the owner remove the paint? You would probably do more damage by trying to scrape it off so I am assuming it was a chemical peeler?

  2. Lisa Galiber Says:

    HUGE improvement…

  3. Brian Wilson Says:

    Great writing! I have a lot of admiration for your writing. Thanks for all your valuable input on this topic.

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