3619 Georgia Headed for Development

3619 Georgia is joining the ranks of properties in the Park View neighborhood headed for development.

3619 Georgia is joining the ranks of properties in the Park View neighborhood headed for development.

Another property to watch on the development front is 3619 Georgia avenue (southeast corner of Georgia and Princeton Place, NW). A resident alerted me to the Ellisdale sign on the front about a week ago. As of this time, while I’ve been in touch with Ellisdale, they aren’t the property owner so there weren’t many details they were willing to divulge. I’m still hoping to track down the owner to see just what, exactly, is going to occur at this site.

What I was able to confirm is that the building will be razed with the project currently scheduled to begin in mid-2014.

Whatever is eventually built on the site, I suspect that it will need a parking variance. The site appears to be too small to support underground parking. The structure was built in 1930 as a “gas station,” but early advertisements show it more as a automobile tire salesroom.

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6 Comments on “3619 Georgia Headed for Development”

  1. julesonprinceton Says:

    Very interesting…please keep us posted. Do the residents adjoining a project like this typically get notified? So, you are thinking, with the comment on parking variance, that this will be another residential development?

    • Kent Says:

      It’s really too early to tell and I have so few details it is impossible to know for sure. But, I suspect that there would be a residential componant. I’ll definitely share more information as I learn about it.

  2. mbk Says:

    This is awesome news! Anything would be an improvement. It is a small site but has decent zoning on it already. Going to ask around in my office about it now to see if anything has been filed as a BZA.

  3. parkviewres Says:

    Thanks! Interesting. Would be nice to know of any updates on the Georgia/Otis Pl development, it seems stalled as there’s been nothing going on there for some time.

  4. […] been speculation as to what development at 3619 Georgia might look like since October 2013 when an Ellisdale sign went up on the current structure. The waiting for what is proposed for the […]

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