3212-3218 Georgia Avenue to be Developed into New 105 Unit Building

A rendering of ZP Georgia's proposed multi-family development at 3212 Georgia Ave. NW, which will replace Petworth Liquor ... from Washington Business Journal.

A rendering of ZP Georgia’s proposed multi-family development at 3212 Georgia Ave. NW, which will replace Petworth Liquor … from Washington Business Journal.

Late yesterday, the Washington Business Journal unveiled details and drawings for the new development headed for 3212-3218 Georgia Avenue. The properties, located on the west side of Georgia between Lamont and Keefer, changed hands earlier this year and included the Petworth Liquors property.

The Washington Business Journal provided the following overview of the project:

The project, the subject of a planned-unit development application submitted Thursday, would include 105 residential units spread throughout seven floors, 3,816 square feet of retail on the ground floor, 34 underground parking spaces, a residential roof deck and green roof, and ground floor fitness and club room.

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21 Comments on “3212-3218 Georgia Avenue to be Developed into New 105 Unit Building”

  1. PM Says:

    It’s like Christmas!! Looks amazing.

  2. Keefer is king Says:

    Yes, looks great. It might be time to sell the car though…

  3. kyle Says:


  4. K Resident Says:

    This is fantastic news!

  5. jcm Says:

    Excellent news. They should offer to spruce up the exterior of Morgan’s. It’d help their property values. I was just noticing how run down it is looking. It will be even worse next to a shiny brand new building.

    Kent, did you go to the 3D/4D police presentation last week? I couldn’t make it, and was hoping you’d write a recap.

    • kyle Says:

      I take issue with this comment. It’s not the responsibility of one owner to improve the appearance of a neighboring building. If you were to renovate your home, would you also pay to renovate your neighbor’s so that it improves the value of yours?

      • jcm Says:

        Oh, I don’t think it’s their responsibility. It’s Romeo’s property, and he ought to do a better job maintaining it.

        That said, if I were trying to sell 100 units next door for an aggregate total in excess of $25M I’d be really tempted to spend $10K painting and freshening his facade. If it increases the price of each unit $1000 it will have been a very good investment.

        When Eastbanc built 22 West they were unable to buy out the gas station below. Instead they paid to install a green roof over it, and gave the buyers of their very expensive condos an attractive view.

      • kyle Says:

        22west is a beautiful example, but there are differences. For 22west, the gas station was seen as a neighborhood amenity. Also, those were condos. I suspect this project will be rentals, and it’s a long stretch of the imagination to say that Morgan’s is a neighborhood amenity.

        The suggestion is that someone else should pay for what you want, and it’s wrong.

        A small suggestion like this eventually becomes a neighborhood demand during the entitlement phase of this project, in turn driving up development costs which comes back to haunt us all as higher cost of living through increased rents.

        Morgan’s should use the equity from their appreciating property value to fix up their shop, or sell.

      • jcm Says:

        I think my using the term “should” was a mistake. It was just my advice for the developers. I don’t think it should be mandated, and I think the current system of forcing developers to buy off ANCs by building playgrounds or whatever community amenity they current want is dumb, and counterproductive to boot.

        I just think the apartments/condos would be worth more if Morgan’s didn’t look so run down. If my neighbor’s yard had a bunch of trash blown into while I was trying to sell my house, I’d go pick up his trash, even though I shouldn’t have to.

      • me Says:

        Does Romeo Morgan own that building? He has had so many tax liens and violations forgiven that it is just a matter of time before somebody in city government makes him be responsible.

      • kyle Says:

        @jcm: agreed. added bonus is that the new building is right on the property line, requiring a party wall with only minimal windows looking over Morgan’s.

    • Kent Says:

      Yes, I was at the 3D/4D police meeting. I’ll craft a follow up and post soon.

  6. Keefer Says:

    Amazing news!! This is the ideal place to rejuvenate that block.

  7. […] In looking at the DC Zoning map, I see that this parcel is an alley lot with a small structure on it located behind and just to the north of Petworth Liquors. I have no doubt that the property will be incorporated into the Planned Unit Development currently in the works for 3212-3218 Georgia Avenue. […]

  8. Lisa G. Says:

    Outstanding news! So excited that part of the ground floor will be dedicated to retail… I hope it sparks further retail and commercial growth on Georgia.

  9. […] reported after the November ANC 1A meeting, where the project was initially presented to the community, the project is planned to include 105 residential units spread throughout seven […]

  10. […] In all likelihood, I would expect the Council to support this disposition and, ultimately, for the parcel to be sold to the developer of the planned unit development in the works for 3212-3218 Georgia Avenue. […]

  11. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

  12. romeo morgan Says:

    Hi. This is Romeo Morgan I never reply
    to any of these comments but I think I have to now. When a developer comes into a community and buys a lot of property and leaves it vacant and allow the drunks to sit all day and bring down the community that I love then I have a problem. They shoot up drugs behind his properties and sell them too. My neighbors are afraid because of this, and these properties. They buy properties and leave them so they can bring down our community value and buy them for cheap. That is an old tactic. just think, listen, and learn.
    my property is for development for senior housing only. Our seniors are on a 18 year waiting list for affordable housing how many developers are looking into that. I fight every day for my community to be safe how many are u doing that. Ask me this how do build a coffee show with no sprinkler system when federal law dictates that any building that u do over 65% improvements it has to. How do u build on 3212 Georgia ave into a restaurant and never go threw zoning for a use change? Money that’s how we can do what we want!!!!! Oh yeh they don’t have sprinkler systems ether. Finish. I do own my property. I’m too busy trying to help this community and not me. The police on Lamont finally Yeh that’s me. The trash being pickup on the ave. I lobbied for that. l put so much of my time for this community and not enough for me. No I’m not the rich developers who have billions of dollars and old money to do what they want. I’m just one who cares about our seniors and want to give them “HOUSING” think about that when u see condos and our seniors are sleeping on the street. Thank u for your time.

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