DDOT Schedules Community Meetings for North-Sounth Corridor Planning Study

DDOT's North-South Corridor map.

DDOT’s North-South Corridor map.

At the November ANC 1A meeting, representatives of DDOT attended to inform the community that the first series of public meetings were set to begin the discussions on the future of transportation on the North-South Corridor. While it is my understanding that this will include other north-south corridors — such as 14th streets — a lot of focus has been and will continue to be on the 7th Street/Georgia Avenue corridor.

The Commission was also informed that the study would look at all modes of transportation such as bus rapid transit, bike lanes, and street cars. However, I suspect that the main focus will be street cars since all literature is hosted on DDOT’s www.dcstreetcar.com site.

In reviewing the meeting schedule (image below), I was immediately dismayed that none of the four meetings have been schedule along lower Georgia Avenue. The north meeting will be held at Emery Recreation (5701 Georgia) and the south meeting is scheduled at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church (600 M Street, NW). Both are on or near the 7th St/Georgia Ave route. However, the other two meetings — serving the business community and central section of the study, are scheduled for the Reeves Center at 14th and U streets.

Upon seeing this, I immediately informed the presenters that this was unacceptable and that either the location of the meeting for the central section needs to be changed, or, an additional meeting needs to be added. In my opinion, It is inexcusable that residents of Park View, Pleasant Plains, and Howard University — areas that will be directly impacted by any decisions that come out of the study — are required to travel a significant distance to attend one of the meetings when residents who live in the south or north sections are accommodated with a meeting right in their community. I’ve been pressing for a new central location and will inform the community should a new location be identified.

Regardless of meeting locations, if one of the dates and locations fit in your schedule, and if you are interested in how the future of transportation will impact Georgia Avenue, you are strongly encouraged to attend one of the public meetings.

Front and Back of the flyer announcing meeting dates and locations for the North South Corridor Study,

Front and Back of the flyer announcing meeting dates and locations for the North South Corridor Study,

The DCstreetcar Website provides the following overview of the what the study is and what the study’s goals are:

As part of the DC Streetcar Program, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is initiating a Planning Study to examine opportunities for public transportation improvements in a proposed north-south corridor through the District. Over the next year, DDOT will work with the community, businesses, government agencies, and other stakeholders to develop and evaluate transit alternatives to improve mobility in the corridor and enhance livability in the study area.  At the end of the study, DDOT will present a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), whether streetcar or enhanced bus service.

The study area is focused on a 9-mile, north-south corridor that starts in the Buzzard Point/Southwest Waterfront area.  DDOT will examine ending the line in Takoma or Silver Spring. The study area extends east-west for about two blocks on either side of potential identified alignments.

For evaluation purposes, the study area will be divided into three different areas:

  1. A northern study area, from Takoma/Silver Spring generally to Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro station area;
  2. A central study area, from the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station area to the Convention Center; and
  3. A southern study area, from the Convention Center to the SW Waterfront/Buzzard Point area.

The North-South Corridor will support the goals of the DC Streetcar Program to enhance existing transit service and provide more transportation choices within the District.

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3 Comments on “DDOT Schedules Community Meetings for North-Sounth Corridor Planning Study”

  1. Sherman Circle Says:

    Are there any conversations about the streetcar going up Georgia vs. another North-South street?

    Aligning the lower/middle route to 11th street and then cutting over to Georgia Avenue (at the Petworth Metro Station) for the rest of the trip may allow the street cars a bit more speed and hopefully a dedicated track in the future.

    • Kent Says:

      From what I understand, everything is on the table right now. The three north-south routes under consideration are 14th Street, 11th Street, and 7th/Georgia … at least here in the center section.

  2. keefer resident Says:

    As always, thanks Kent for being such a great advocate for our neighborhood!

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